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Re: BT Fibre 900 Upload Speed

Hi....first post, bit of a whinge I'm afraid.

For over a year I've enjoyed great performance up and down from my Fibre  900 service with  an SH2.

Then all of a sudden, a few weeks ago,  my upstream hroughput dropped from a what was always a solid 100-110 on to a feeble figure wavering between about 2mb/s and 11 mb/s, so it doesn't seem "capped" as such. This happens with a single PC on connected by cat6 to the hub, both WiFi radios off.  Downstream is still as good as ever.  Tried multiple cables, multiple PCs, and a new hub, to no avail.

Upstream sync speed to the BT servers is a solid 120mb/s so they tell me.  Openreach checked the signal levels a the ONT and all is well.  I connected the PC directly to the ONT via PPPoE and the upstream throughput on was way in excess of 100 mb/s.  Downstream speed was down to about 450mb/s, but I suppose this was there was no hub to manage all that bandwidth.

After making nine phonecalls to BT and spending hours on the phone to BT I finally found a helpful chap who didn't try to palm me off with "Oh, we don't guarantee upload speeds" or conflate a healthy sync speed with actual traffic throughput .  I had 2 engineer no-shows - both cancelled without telling me when I was waiting in.  I've now got an "Offline Team" guy looking at it, but it's going nowhere.  

We rolled back the hub firmware on a new hub to v26, turned off the WiFi radios, connected it with all default settings to a good i5 laptop with cat6, still a feeble 5mb/s upstream.  He keeps banging on about other deviced connected to the hub, and how my network topology isn't good, but these single-device  tests rule out the rest of the network.  Besides, the same topology has served me well for 10 years and for a whole year with the same SH2 on Fibre 900.  I think he's out of ideas.

My expensive FTTP service will no longer properly support Zoom or WebEx calls.

Any ideas of how to move forward please @NeilO ?




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Re: BT Fibre 900 Upload Speed

By making a direct connection to the ONT with your PC and getting the throughput you would expect that would suggest that the problem is apparently after the ONT. 

Although you have tried a new BT Hub, while you shouldn't need to but to assist in diagnostics have you considered getting a third party router. You could try and borrow one or buy one on Amazon/PC World and connect it up. If it works then you know where the fault lies and you could either keep the router or return it and get your money back.


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Re: BT Fibre 900 Upload Speed

Hi, and thanks for the reply.  I had considered that,  but a switch to Digital Voice is imminent,  and this won't work with a third party router.  Borrowing one is not an option, unfortunately. 

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Re: BT Fibre 900 Upload Speed

Then I guess we'll never know if it would have helped diagnose the problem.

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Re: BT Fibre 900 Upload Speed

I'm taking a risk buying a router with the intention of returning it, and it doesn't sit well with me, but you're's the only clear way forward, and I have little choice, unless I can get BT to spring for one on pain of losing my £62/month to Zen.

So.......Asus RT-AX86U ?  If can't send it back at least it will make a decent AP.


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