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Re: BT Home Hub 5 and FON

hi all, ive spent the last month trying to resolve this. hadn't occured to me til now to ask: if i buy a new Non BT router, will that resolve it?  or is the signal coming from the BT white box that feeds the router (im Fibre to the property)


what are the cons to this approach. thank u in advance for any guidance

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: BT Home Hub 5 and FON

If you buy a non BT router it will not transmit the BTWifi signal. If you do buy a new router and you are still using the white Openreach modem, make sure that the router has a WAN socket.


If you want to do away with the Openreach modem you will need to get a VDSL Modem/router.


There are no cons to using a non BT router except if your router goes faulty you will not get any BT assistance to fix it.

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