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Re: BT Hub won't connect to laptop

I have the same problem, but I didn't re-set anything, it just stopped working for some reason. I tried "forgetting" the network and re-connecting again but nothing... Anyone can help me? Just so you know I have no idea whatsoever of how these things work so please be patient with me and avoid technical vocabulary as much as possible (yeah, sorry I'm "one of those dumb people" T_T )
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Re: BT Hub won't connect to laptop

Could I ask a few questions, are you having this issue on all wireless devices or just the laptop?

Have you tried connected an ethernet cable (usually yellow or yellow ended) to the home hub ethernet port (yellow) to the laptop to establish a wired connection?


I would suggest connecting a cable between the home hub and the laptop to see if the internet works. If it does then the issue is isolated to the wireless only.

If you have the issue on the laptop only and other wireless devices (phones,tablets) work fine, the issue is isolated to the laptop.


I would suggest on changing some wireless settings on the hub depending on your responce, which I will explain if needs be.


best of luck

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