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Re: BT Infinity 2 installed but slow speeds

I have Infinity 2 and for me it seems slow, I was quoted my line was capble of 54Mbps when i ordered. Originally it was up close to that but it has slowed over time. Now the best I get is around 38.5Mbps down and 6.4 up. I've queried this with BT and they say because I am within 70% of the quoted speed they will not look at it 😞


Anyone know if this is correct?


My line speed is now showing as 39.4 so unless I can get this improved I'm stuck with it so really I should be paying for Infinity 1. I'm suspious though that if I change to Infinity 1 I will get an even slower throughput.

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: BT Infinity 2 installed but slow speeds

Can you run this checker and post back a screen shot of the results

and use this speed tester then carry out the further diagnostics and post back a screen shot of all the results including your IP profile for up and down. This test must be done with a wired connection.

If you have a Homehub 5 can you also post the stats from 1-12 by logging onto the homehub management pages then troubleshooting > helpdesk. http://bthomehub.home/

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