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Re: BT Infinity Speed

Well I am frankly amazed at what I've seen today.  I knew that my speed was deteriorating and today I decided to check with a series of different checkers but I thought everyone would like to see what BT considers to be 'good' bearing in mind the monthly fee I pay (over £40 per month), that I wasn't downloading anything, nothing is registered on their network status screen to say there's an issue and I am getting just about what I'd expect on a dialup modem.


If this isn't sorted (and when I ran their check tool they said they couldn't check my line properly - since the speed was so so low), I'd post it here.  If this situation isn't improved very soon then I will consider reducing or cancelling my direct debit or swapping to Sky (if they can get their act together but they are dependent on OpenReach so we are all screwed).  Since I live alone and I didn't have any downloads in progress or anyone else using my connection this is abysmal service.


Take a look at their assessment of my line:





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Re: BT Infinity Speed

So my actual paid for speed is supposed to be 30-40Mbits/sec and according to BT's own speed test, I'm getting a download speed of 1.74 Mbit/sec with no explanation. My upload speed appears to be higher than my download speed. However irrespective of anything, this is 20X SLOWER than I am paying for. It would appear that I will have to manually physically check the speed every day to find out what BT are doing with my money. Seems like that they want to take it but not give me what I pay for. I'll send this screenshot off to BBC Moneybox and they can investigate how BT rip off their customers.
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Re: BT Infinity Speed



I think you are looking at this from the wrong angle; it appears you have a fault and need to get some help from this customer to customer self-help community forum rather than pay less for something that makes you unhappy. Once fixed you will hopefully be happy to pay for the speed you are getting!


Here is a basic guide to getting help on line speed issues from the community members done by CAL Keith.


Once you have carried out these step then the more technical members of the forum will be able to help you.



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Re: BT Infinity Speed

Rather than BT ripping off its customers, has it occurred to you that you may have a fault on your line or at the exchange or with your equipment that could be fixed. Have you reported a problem to BT?


Perhaps if you explain what your problem is, how long you have had BT Infinity, what package you are on, along with what Homehub you are using and what if anything you have tried to resolve the slow speeds somebody on the forum may be able to help.


Meantime if you do want some help, to speed up the process, can you run this checker and post back a screen shot of the results


and use this speed tester then carry out the further diagnostics and post back a screen shot all the results including your IP profile for up and down.

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Re: BT Infinity Speed

That report WAS using the fault checker.  Irrespective of which, my point was that if any reading on a BT Infinity line should flag up as a fault and not GOOD when it registers less than 20 Mbit/sec - that's just plain laziness on the programmer's part.  So as for 'angle' I'm using BT's own tools and reporting what it says.


Have you ever tried to get through to the correct department if you call?  I got accused of ringing the wrong number before (it wasn't) in the wrong country but what I discovered was that if one board is overloaded it offloads it to another one.


Business credit application approvals/discussions take place in the Phillepenes.


Last time I called for a simple request I had to call (not be transferred) to 4 different help desks and that's on top of an automated system that asks that I tell it what my problem is.  When I get a spare couple of hours with a HMRC return chomping at the bit for tomorrow, then I'll waste the time.  For the moment, I'm better off tethering to my 4G connection, at least that works.

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Re: BT Infinity Speed

Can you just run the test gg has requested or are you just here to rant?


If you wany help then help us to help you by giving the info requested otherwise no-one will be able to advise you.



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