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Re: BT Infinity keeps dropping out and slow speed

So it seems it's not just my problem ?


Completely sick and tired of inferior Infinity service - 2 bars wireless service out of 6, constant dropping out of connection, sluggish service and slow speeds.


Tired of setting resetting & modems - have even had one realignment done to new band or similar expression by Indian call centre.


Any advice welcomed - I'm sure the location of the 'box in' at the most extreme point of the house is a lot of the issue - asked about it on installation and told 'oh it'll be fine' -  well it has never been and just gets worse and worse.


Desperately fed up - complete timewaster this Infinity service - worse than my old broadband.



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Re: BT Infinity keeps dropping out and slow speed

There is no ISP that will guarantee a wirelress connection due to the many forms of interference and the physical problems involved.


All an ISP will do is provide the service as a wired connection and nothing else.


If via a wired connection it appears there is a problem then it is thier duty to resolve it, don't expect any assisstance with a wireless one.

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Re: BT Infinity keeps dropping out and slow speed

What type of Homehub do you have, is it the Homehub 5 with the integrated modem or do you have a white Openreach modem and a Homehub?


Do you have any devices connected by Ethernet cable, do they drop out?


If you believe that the problem is due to the distance from your Homehub to your devices have you considered moving it.


Have you turned off "Smart set Up" on the homehub. See link how to do that.


What speeds are you getting. Use this speed tester then carry out the further diagnostics and post back a screen shot of all the results including your IP profile for up and down. This test must be done with a wired connection.

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Re: BT Infinity keeps dropping out and slow speed

Your issues are probably due to a combination of actual Infinity speeds to the hub and Wi-Fi issues. I am fortunate in not being to far from my exchange and I am getting actual speeds to the hub of 78Mbs. Wi-Fi deteriates that to around 20-30Mbs with all other equipment that could take up some of the actual speed turned off. Now 20 - 30 Mbs is enough not to cause an issue but if the linespeed was slower then it stands to reason that Wi-Fi might also be much lower and therefore be a problem. In my case with ADSL2+ with a home hub 3 there was not that much of a difference in actual and Wi-Fi speeds but there certainly is with Infinity  and Home Hub 5 in my experience.


Your issue is probably due to Wi-Fi channel interference. I have an Wi-Fi analytics app on my mobile that allows me to see what other Wi-Fi signals there are in the area and whether they are interfering with mine. When I was on ADSL2+ and I experienced similar issues the majority of the time I was able to identify that other Wi-Fi hubs were was using the same channel as mine, so a simple solution was to change the channel.


If you let the hub change chanels automatically it would always choose the default channels identified by BT. Not the best option if neighbouring hubs are using the same channels. Always best to try and find an empty one. About the only time when this did not work for me was over Christmas when no end of Wi-Fi signals appeared and network traffic would have been maxed out. A lot of Wi-Fi issues would be resolved if people left their router's turned on so they kept to the same channels! 


With Infinity i have had one occassion where my hub reset itself. On checking Wi-Fi Analytics I noticed that it had changed channel from 6 to 1 and it has been pretty stable since. I also think other routers have worked out to leave channel 1 alone. If you have a mobile I suggest that you download a Wi-Fi signal analytics app to see whats going on so that you can change your channel to an empty one and see how it performs. If that does not fix it, then it could be due to any form of interference from that could be caused by a domestic appliance or other electrical item. Very difficult to identify. You would have to turn everything off and check things and then turn each item on one at a time checking the signal each time until the offending equipment was identified.


I assume that the line stats are OK? You can check this by accessing your hub settings via the Homehub Manager and choosing ADSL settings in the A-Z menu. This will give you the VDSL line speeds actually reaching your hub which must be the first thing to check. If you are getting the expected speeds then it points to Wireless interference (or potentially a dud hub). You could try asking for the master socket to be moved which would allow you to put your hub at a more suitable location but if it is deemed a "line shift" by Openreach then there would be a charge.

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