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Re: BT Infinity speed dropped ?

I had BT Infinity 80/20 installed back in November 2011!

I only have desktops connected by home plugs. Speeds have changed over time.

2011 - 64 megs down and 17 megs up a the computer end via the home plugs.

2017 - 50 megs down and 12 megs up

In the past 8 weeks I have been getting 30-40 resyncs per day and speeds are down to 34 down and 4 up.

I raised a fault, they say it's fixed, but it's the same with an IP Profile of 34.8 down and 20 up.

I enquired today (before they said it was fixed) and they said there's a problem at the exchange and logged a new fault as "cannot make or receive phones calls" - not true. But they are now tracing that!

I have not had to touch the BT hub in years! It's been rock solid until now.

A 4g minihub comes tomorrow, but is no use to me at all as I do not have any WiFi devices to connect to it, I am all ethernet hardwired desktops.

How far do I take this? Do I keep complaining until I get my 64 megs back?

I really need the best upload speeds as I connect my recording studio machines via the home plugs to upload very large music session files (mainly uncompressed audio stems across a few hundred tracks!).

I can have Virgin Media supplied to my property, all the cabling/cabs are in place, but getting a package with decent upload is more expensive than BT. I d not need TV or films/sport etc. 

I have my mobiles with BT, and of course, get a decent reduction and upgrades because I have broadband! So, would not really want to lose out there by changing supplier. And, what happens to my upfront line rental payment if I switch?



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Re: BT Infinity speed dropped ?

Hi @RobFletcher 

Thanks for your post and welcome back!

I'm sorry for the problems you've been having with your broadband speed.  From what you've said there has been quite a drastic change to your connection speed.  Also, 30-40 drops daily definitely shouldn't happen ☹️

From just reading your post I assume what has happened is that your speed has been put on to what is called a "banded" profile due to all the drops.  We'd need a bit more info so the Community knows for sure what exactly the issue is.

Can you post your Router Stats?  If you're using the Hub 5 access the Hub manager (  and choose troubleshooting>helpdesk

If you're using the Smart Hub access the Hub manager and it's advanced>technical log.

Also, enter your phone number here and post a screenshot of your speed estimate:  BT Broadband availability checker (Please remember to remove any personal info before posting the results)

Whenever you reply with the info requested the Community will take it from there.



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Re: BT Infinity speed dropped ?

Thanks Robbie. Engineer came to the house this time and said it's an odd fault. Remote checking showed NO issues with the line. Once connected to the incoming lines he said there's a big "battery contact fault". This was "fixed" and the fault closed with a note saying I had said it was fixed. Strangely, I was away for 5 days when I was supposed to have said it was fixed!

Anyway, it's still the same and still dropping out now and then. The uptime on the stats is from when I re-booted it after coming back from hols, hoping to resync as a better rate (hah!).

dsl data.JPGhubstats.JPG

Hope these stats can let me know what might be wrong. I have been onto BT again, they say there is still  fault and it will be another week to get it fixed (or not). I do have Virgin Fibre to my house if I need to switch, but it's the poor uploads which put me off as I upload and download many large uncompressed audio files as part of my music recording and production hobby! So the 14-17 meg upload was great, 4-6 is not!

Hope the above makes sense.



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Re: BT Infinity speed dropped ?

your router stats show a 39mb connection speed which is virtually at attainable and at bottom end of your expected connection range according to dslchecker results   your noise margin at about 6db is normal

which exchange and cab are you on?

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Re: BT Infinity speed dropped ?

Exchange is New Earswick. Not sure where to get the cab number ...

Speed test day and night for weeks always return

Down 39.3 or 40.7

Up is always 9.1 without fail ! Never more or less!

Seems like there's a limit on the line somewhere. Supposed to be 80/20




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Re: BT Infinity speed dropped ?

Also, 10 days ago a hard reset was ordered by the BT staff at Stockport.

Since that phone call the router has been up continuously and the speeds have not changed one iota!

Would I expect to see a router re-start if they actually did a hard reset on my line?

Has been escalated to the next level now … expecting a phone call at some time ...

To recap, Nov 2011 Infinity on a 80/20 line was 66 down and 14-17 up.

Now it's 40 down and 9 up.

Looks like a 55/10 line setup to me … although they said my account says it's an 80/20.

Would a 55/10 line be cheaper? I am paying for an 80/20 which has lost 50% (or 33% depending on how you do the stats!), and the physical line is now giving the same connection values as before (other than the sync speed), where have my 26megs down and 8megs  up gone??? And why???



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Re: BT Infinity speed dropped ?

As the maximum you can now get is 54Mb (possibly due to cross talk) you may as well downgrade to the lower package.

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Re: BT Infinity speed dropped ?

from the dslchecker results your line speed estimate is 54/36mb.  You can only get as fast as your line can handle and you are yo far from the cab to get the superfast 2 speed of 80/20 and your estimate is not even as high as superfast 1 speed 55/10mb

can number is shown at top of dslchecker results but you have deleted before posting 

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Re: BT Infinity speed dropped ?

From dsl checker

Exchange HAXBY is served by Cabinet 27


Virgin have quoted me 230 down and 20 up with fttp for pretty much the same price ...

If my BT line has indeed dropped well below that which I was getting 8 years ago, looks like it' s bye bye BT.



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Re: BT Infinity speed dropped ?

… and add to that last Wednesday the "fault" was escalated to the next level and was told I would be called either Thurs/Fri/Sat. No such call has come.



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