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Re: BT Rolling Contract is pure shambles!

I am having exactly the same problems as the original post on this thread.


I cancelled BT to go to Sky as wished to take advantage of the Sky Anytime service on my Sky account in Aug last year, but BT notified me  that as I was leaving when I am still in Contract which was automatically renewed, I have to pay a cancellation fee. They adviced that a end of contract notice was sent 30days prior. (which I have never seen).

I refuted this stating that I have not agreed to sign for this contract since I started my services with them.

I was not aware of such a contract.

BT's response

1. In my Bill, it is clearly printed the type of contract (Free Evening & Weekend, Automatically Renewalable Contract). So it's my fault for not reading my bill.

2. BT does not have any proof of delivery of the 30 day notice but they do not need to.

3. I had the chance to stop the cancellation when I received the 16 aug 2010 letter but did not. So it's my choice to leave with the understanding of a cancellation fee payable.

I rang BT a couple of months ago now and was advised that their stance was unchanged in that I still owed them the duration of the contract costs but that they would look into it further and come back to me.


To date I have received no communications from BT, not a even a reminder letter stating that I owed them money.  This would of at least triggered me to call them to discuss it agin.  However, I have just receievd a call from a debt collection agency stating that my account has been passed to them and that my credit report would now be affected.


I am fuming but haven't yet called BT as find it pretty pointless speaking to call centre staff as they don't seem bothered!


Does anyone have any ideas on the next action I should take!


Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Kind Regards

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Re: BT Rolling Contract is pure shambles!

have you tried the search facility as this problem with debt collectors appears often.  try searching for 'debt collectors' and you may well get ideas from other member posts

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Re: BT Rolling Contract is pure shambles!

I wished they had rolled over my original contract instead of stealing from my bank account, it must be they only do this when it suits them!  Good luck to the original poster!

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