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Re: BT Smart Hub - Wi-Fi Issues

@meltonblue wrote:
And now it's assigning IPv6 addresses again and the problem comes back.

Is there a problem with this and Apple devices, as that's the other common denominator?

In addition to the previous pos, from ian777:-

You can enable iOS devices for IPv6, if you are seeing an error message to this effect.


Select your connection in the wifi listing.

Tap on the (i), information, icon. Then a list of setting options will appear. You can enable IPv6 from there.


As for Apple pc's.....perhaps an existing user can advise. 

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Re: BT Smart Hub - Wi-Fi Issues

Thanks both, I'll give some of this a go this evening. I did try to reset the hub but it didn't seem to do anything at all.

- have you setup the network to enable roaming between your two networks (ie same SSID's & passwords) ?

I am planning to but not yet, all of the issues so far have been when only in range of the homehub without going near the other network.
- how have you set up the DHCP server over both of the networks, separate or shared ?
Shared. AirPort Extreme acting in bridge mode.
- Do you still have this connection problem to the HH6 if you switch off the airport extreme ?
Haven't tried that, will give it a go.
- Have you tried wireless mode 2 on the HH6?
No, I did see those options on the config page but wasn't sure what that actually changes?

Many thanks
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