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Re: BT Sport Ultra HD still not enabled

Worrying. Smiley Frustrated


I am a brand new BT customer. I changed from Sky in order to get the UHD box.

I took the day off work today in order to be in for the install.

I had 12PM to 3PM booked, but the engineer was a no-show.

There was not even a phone call to let me know something was wrong.

Nice way to waste a valuable vacation day from work.

It has been a very poor customer experience for me.

The hub was supposed to arrive at my work address yesterday, but arrived to day at home just before the 12PM install slot. Not a great start.

To be fair, after I did the install, the phone was working and after some initial glitches the internet started to work with the new hub.

I tried "track my order". it didn't work. I followed the link to eventually find a customer services phone number. After a wait time of over 10 minutes, the phone was finally answered for me to be told that this was the wrong number. I had followed the **bleep** links starting from the URL in the SMS text message confirming the install BTW!

Why is there no "emergency" number for people in my position to phone, where there is a complete no-show???

So I was then back in another phone queue for another 10 minutes. It was now 3.10PM. Still no sign of an engineer.

I finally was connected, but the person at the other end was unable to help. I can't blame him, as he probably was hampered bt BTs internal IT system. But all he could offer was a new date for the install. I was pretty angry having just booked a day off work for a no show. He told me not to wait any longer.

I had to leave to get to another appointment I had booked knowing that I had the day off.

At about 4.30 I missed a phone call while driving. When I got to my destination I was able to call back. This was an engineer who had my UHD box. I am now 30 minutes away from home. So now I have to call off my plan to visit various shops and race home.

The engineer was waiting.

The install took place, but I could have done it all myself. It was a complete waste of his time. The only reason that a BT engineer would be needed is in the case where he has to install a ethernet cable from the hub to the box. I already had a suitable cable in place.

So now I exitedly looked forward to the BT UHD channel. Nope it wasn't working. He suggested that it *might* be enabled at midnight. When I first contacted BT about wanting the UHD box no-one warned me that the UHD channel wouldn't work. I thought the whole idea of sending an engineer was to make sure that the shiny new 4k UHD service did work!

I repeat, I didn't need the engineer there. If I had been given the box I could do it all myself, trivially (and therefore no need to burn a days vacation).

Later that evening, I got a call back from the chap I spoke to on the phone (good of him to keep his word BTW, if any BT manager can be bothered to read my posting). He had no idea that an engineer had called, as his systems clearly told him nothing. I mentioned that the UHD wasn't working. This time he said there was a problem with the line speed. By now I knew that I was getting 55Mbs (I got 70MBs with the same wire from Sky BTW) which should be good enough. The "test your line speed" page in the BT box said "PASS", i.e. the line is fast enough. He said that his system said there was a problem and he would call back Sunday, and apologised. But, he's not to blame.

So I have the UHD box. I want to see the Man City game tomorrow in UHD/4k. I have no idea if the box will switch itself on tonight or not (like the installer said).


To summarise, the whole experience has been like some kind of joke. A no show engineer at the agreed time. 20+ minutes wasted waiting for an answer from BT support. Direction to the wrong contact phone number. One part of BT not knowing what the other part is doing. Hub delivered to the wrong address on the wrong day.


Some highly paid manager in BT needs a swift kick up the **** for this mess, and for messing me around. We know that won't happen. I also know that no-one in a senior position at BT gives a **bleep** about my wasted day off work, or my wasted time on the phone, orfor messing my shooping arrangements up.


So far I'm not impressed and want an apology (in £££) from someone in charge. I know I will get fobbed off. BT pay their senior managers millions in bonuses, but I bet they will claim that they can't compensate customers who are messed around. It's about time when something goes wrong the BT bonus pot gets used to compensate customers. It might make the people at the top genuinlely think about customer service and experience.


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Re: BT Sport Ultra HD still not enabled

thankfully i didn't pay for the engineer install and it was optional when i ordered...wouldn't have bought it otherwise, a linespeed test and plugging it in isn't worth the £20.



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Re: BT Sport Ultra HD still not enabled

Hi Bitry,


Welcome to the community forum. I have moved your post to start your own thread.


Reading your post I am sorry to hear that things have gone so badly wrong with your order. I would like to help you with your complaint. Please can you send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile?







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