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Re: BT Sport card activation problems

Update took place during the night and after working through the new menu on the new Vision platform ...58/59 is now being received.

("please wait  while we activate your card - VSP112" confusing but let it run and it sorts itself out)


BT could have saved itself a whole load of hassle and myself significant time and frustration had they linked the two events at the beginning i.e. necessity to update Vision box and receiving & activating V. Card. There was no mention of this on the linstructions accompanying the card. They were kept as two separate issues and only after numerous phone calls did someone link them for me.


That's BT for you ...never the simple option ... AND LONG. LONG TELEPHONE CALLS.


Still sorry that I had to lose all my recordings in the update! Surely it wasn't beyond their ability to save that aspect. CUSTOMER CARE ..I THINK NOT!

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Re: BT Sport card activation problems

Hi folks,


Guess what? I have the same problem.


Having tried all the rebooting issues etc over the last 3 days and leaving the vision box+ to sort itself out for something approaching 7hrs. the screen message was still 'please wait while we activate your vewing card'.


Last night I disconnected and unplugged everything. I reconnected it all this morning and started again. I had the following messages in this order:- 'your veiwing card has been correctly inserted', 'Please wait while we activate your veiwing card (vsp112)', finally this became 'There is a problem with your veiwing card, pleaase reboot or contact 0800 111 4567 (vsp116).


Naturally phoned 0800 111 4567, several hours later still waiting fro a reply. I have now emailed my problem to BT and am still waiting!!!.


So far this is absolute rubbish from BT. I just can't beleive the level of ineptness/incompetence.


Can someone please offer constuctive advice.


Appreciate any useful suggestions.


One additional question; will the BT Vision+ box receive and record HD channels?

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Re: BT Sport card activation problems

I was told by BT that HD is only available if you live in an area that has BT Infinity and you subscribe to it. If you are you don't have all this nonsense with Viewing Cards ...BT Sport will come to you automatically. If you are not in such an area you need a Viewing Card ... with all the associated hassle.
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