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Re: BT incorrectly posted a default on my credit file

How did this get resolved please? I have a similar issue  with this firm. Had it once before with vodafome and eventually it turned out they CAN just press a button and remove it, its that easy. I just
KNOW that bt will be as petty and useless as possible.

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Cancelling BT sports, what a scam

I cancelled BT sports back in November 2019, December 2019 AND in Jan 2020 then again on feb 2020 yet l find that theyre billing me for 2 months up to April, and they refuse to respond to my complaints! NOW I find that they have put a default on my credit file. Surely they have nt carried out the appropriet procedure and most certainly have addressed the problem and fixed their problem. I would have been happy to just stop at feb despite not using the service since before november 2019, but now I will want refunding from when I first cancelled. 

Is anybody familiar with this, maybe its happened to you and youve had to fight against uninterested 'customer services' so could possbly advise on how to avoid the stalling and ridicuous going around in circles with departments not communicating or logging information down. Or do they do this on purpose and just play and scam you until you give in?

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Re: Cancelling BT sports, what a scam

Hi @Vills777 and welcome.

I'm sorry there's been problems with your account. I've moved your posts so we have all the details in one place. Have you contacted Equifax about this? Did you have BT Sport through BT or through another provider like EE?



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Re: Cancelling BT sports, what a scam

I have contacted Equifax Altho I shouldn’t have to as BT CAN remove the incorrect data at the click of a button. 
I have BT sports through EE and had it through BT also. I believe my free EE subscription may have expired but wasn’t interested in that as I was paying BT for a service that I cancelled 5 times in total. 
I have since had a response saying ‘ we’re sorry you have tried to cancel your mobile phone account and been unsuccessful, we have cancelled it for you now’ .... really!!? 

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