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Re: BT is the worst company I have ever dealt with - caller display

Guys if you listen to my story you would feel your problems do not exist.

I got an offer from sky to come back to sky and I took it at the start of this month.

I had a BT line and wanted to use it for calls on ongoing basis . I wanted to keep my BT service . I also liked the smart talk app.

I had virgin TV and Fibre broadband and the phone that come with it which I never used.

Now Sky promised me I can keep my virgin number and gave an installation date of 20 sep.

11 sep recieved a call from Virgin checking if I m switching to another supplier. I said yes. I was out of contract for virgin and had

given 30 days notice also. They said my account would close at end of month.

I recieved a call from BT checking if I am switching my phone to another provider. I said no. They said no worries you will stay with BT.

Come 19 th my BT line stopped.! When I dialled 150 ( yes that worked) it went to sky. I asked the advisor have they taken over my BT line. They said no and my sky talk service can only be active next day and that too they are taking over my virgin number.

I recieved a mail from BT at 9.15 PM on 19 sep saying if I did not contact them by mid afternoon of 19 sep my service will stop and would move to another company ! I called BT and I had already lost my BT number. They apologised but promised they can rectify this next day as another dept that can do it closed.

Next day I called BT and said I want my number back and BT service back, they said all done and will be back by evening.

The same day a open reach engineer came and checked the line and said sky made wrong order. They should have provided a new line and ported virgin number on it. Instead they had taken BT line and ordered renumber to put virgin number on top.

So open reach engineer did not install BB since the order was on a different number! I called sky while open reach engineer was on and they agreed the engineer has to go back and they would sort it out. My case was assigned to erroneous take over team and a special agent was assigned. The lady called me next day promised everything would be set right all I had to do was call BT and ask them to do a Working line take over and sky would cooperate and work with BT to get my BT number back. Then sky would do a new line provide and give me broadband . Till the nothing can be done ! I called BT again and said I want my number back and sky has said they will cooperate. BT guy took 12 month line rental saver payment and said all done and service will be back in 3 days!
I called sky to inform, they said BT may not be able to do it so quick call them and check.
I called BT again and they said order had failed and it has to be transfer in order. They placed another order.
Next day I called BT and checked how is the progress they said they hd refunded my money and a specialist team is now on the case and nothing can be done !
Frustrated I called sky about 10 times in last 4 days to get BB installed now on the line they have taken over from BT.

I gave up trying to get BT service back. Now 3 orders of sky BB. Have failed and latest today they gave me a engineer appointment of 7 October. When I checked order progress online it showed it is delayed and was in red !
Called the specialist team at sky, no one wanted to take my call and the front desk operator said they will let me know when there is some update. The case manger assigned to me is due back in office only on Friday !
My virgin broadband service is to stop month end and sky may not get their act together at least till 10 Oct by looks of it!

So much for customer service,ofcom regulations and two big companies investing millions on their IT.

BT were the most callous ones. Could not be bothered to talk or understand the problem,. Sky folks are at least promising to sort out ! Fingers crossed.
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Re: BT is the worst company I have ever dealt with - caller display

Hi Ravi,

Welcome to the Forum and thanks for posting. If you have an open order for service with BT I can look into it for you. Just drop me an email with the details. You’ll get the ‘contact us’ link in the about me section of my profile.


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Re: BT is the worst company I have ever dealt with - caller display

sent you mail David.
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Re: BT is the worst company I have ever dealt with - caller display

Latest updates-

BT tried few times to place order for getting phone service back.all failed.
I even got a new welcome letter, new account number etc only to find they all failed.
They refunded money twice and finally told me a specialist team will come back in 10 days.
I had no option to accept my fate and get my broad band installed on this erroneously taken over line by sky which BT allowed against my instructions confirmed on a call with BT on 11th sep.
I wrote to BT asking for compensation. Here is the update email to BT I wrote again today.

Customer By Email (Ravi Bikkannavar) 07/10/2013 12:40 PM
Some one called me today at about 11.35 am and started the argument that I need to talk to open reach and sky because they made a mistake in taking over my BT line.
I never wanted my BT line and account to go! I had confirmed this on phone with BT on 11 sep again when I was promised that my account would not go anywhere .
This agent who called me today kept telling me that on 19 sep Sky requested again to take over the BT line and this was a second request . And BT agreed to it on same day ! Why did you do that?
She would not accept this as BT mistake .
I have lost my BT service and BT number because of mistake by BT
After 19 sep I had contacted BT so many times and couple of orders were placed to reinstate my account and amount of advance line rental charged on my account and refunded because the orders failed . Finally they told me a specialist team would look into this and come back to me. I was left by BT without a service .
Now I asking for compensation for removing my account without my consent , making me loose my phone number and failing to reinstate my account in timely manner .
Your agent today simply disconnected the call.
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