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Re: BT whole home wifi issues

I've just set up 4 discs and devises such as phones and firesticks all hook up without a problem. However, both my Samsung Smart TV's will not connect to the Whole Home system? 

I've read in this thread suggestion to switch off smart setup on BT Smart Hub Manger. I've done this and it makes no difference?

Any suggestions greatly received. Thanks

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Re: BT whole home wifi issues

@David59 I'm not an expert, so this is a guess.

Have you checked if your TVs can connect over 5Ghz wifi band? I know that the WiFi discs only support a 5Ghz wifi signal. I had a similar problem with my Sonos smart speakers.

The solution was to temporarily turnoff the 5Ghz band on the router. Connect the Sonos speaker and then turn the 5Ghz band back on. Hope this helps.

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Re: BT whole home wifi issues

Ok thank you Stevee. I'll give it a try and let you know.
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Re: BT whole home wifi issues

Hello again Steveee

I tried as you suggested but in my case disconnected the 2.4GHz WiFi band, and all appears to be working very well now. The main reason I purchased the Whole House system was for the TV's and they are definitely receiving a stronger signal.

One little quirk I've found (after initial setup) is to unplug all disks other than the one closest to the TV/Devise you are setting up. When the devise pairs with the nearest disc plug the others back in and the devise stays paired to the nearest disc. Repeat this operation for all fixed devises. If you unplug the nearest disc the devise will find another one further away with a weaker signal but wont necessarily pair back with the nearest disc when plugged back in?

Just in my experience, if any of that makes sense?

Thanks again.
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Re: BT whole home wifi issues

I made an account to say thanks.

But in the time in took me to make an account, after turning 5Ghz back on, it started to stutter, then stop working completely 😂. I thought, maybe it was just for setup, but it looks like it’s needed for operation too. Arrgghhh!

BT/Sonos, what you playing at!!!!

I like how the Sonos device still displays to tease you into thinking it’s working, through the setup and after

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Re: BT whole home wifi issues

@OhJeeze One option that may help is to hardwire a sonos speaker to the router. I have my playbar connected to the router using Ethernet. This means all other speakers (apart from Move speakers) are using sonosnet rather  than Wi-fi.

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