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Re: BTInfinity customers problem

I am confused!

I have BT Infinity ‘Fibre to the cabinet’ with a normal download speed of ‘ Up to 40 Mb’.  Indeed, from the start it was certainly very close to this and if I blinked I didn’t notice the update to pages.

Last week I noticed a delay in updates/connections to web-sites, so ran the BT Speedtest.  I got results varying from 2.5Mb to 11 Mb.

This was using my wireless connection from BT Home Hub 3, which had previously given me the fast speeds as in paragraph one above.

When I connected my lap-top via Ethernet cable to the Home Hub, the results were much better (in the 35-39 Mb range).  Strangely, the results no longer show the speed ‘from the exchange’, but only show ‘good’.

I have done resets of the Modem and the Home Hub, as suggested from the help pages, but am still getting download speeds much less than when I was on Broadband Option 1, using the basic ADSL connection.

It seems to me that the problem is in my Home Hub 3 and its wireless connection, as if I go to Ethernet then connection is better, but this is not what I want as I use wireless predominately.

I have examined the wireless channels in use in my area and have tried most of them and settled on channel 7, as no other users and only one overlapping.

Just as an aside, have found one which comes up as DVLA ANPR Van 64, so maybe a crackdown on untaxed vehicles in Worthing!!!

Expert advice please!!


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Re: BTInfinity customers problem

Try a factory reset of the homehub by pressing a pin into the recess button on the rear for about 20 seconds. This can often sort out problems and is different to a normal reset.


If that doesn't help it would appear that it is a wireless problem and most likely interference or a fault with the HH3.


Other advice would be - Make sure your car is taxed!



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