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Re: Broadband Activation Order Not Progressed

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Hi @mitreklov


Thanks for taking the time to chat with me again today.


The speed you're getting is as fast as it's going to be unfortunately.  The engineer confirmed in their notes that you're connected to a cabinet further away and there isn't any way we can request the network be re-arranged I'm afraid.


Everything we agreed on the phone has been completed also.





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Re: Broadband Activation Order Not Progressed

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While the whole process of getting the FTTC broadband service up and running, we got there in the end. 

Just wanted to say thank to Robbie for taking ownership of the situation and seeing it through to the final conclusion. The connection, albeit slower than hoped or forecast is stable and a big improvement in the adsl service we had before. Just checked this month's bill and the appropriate adjustments have been made to correct the overcharging and reflect the reduced agreed monthly charges.


Just to sign off, BT should consider a charging system that reflects the actual speed obtainable by the customer. Slower the speed the lower the charge. After all faster cars are more expensive than slower ones right?


Thanks Robbie.



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