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Re: Broadband connection keeps dropping!


I have been havi a similar problem to Lee and am hoping someone here can help.

My infinity BB keeps dropping, usually manifesting as the smart hub router dropping to an orange 'no connection' light, although sometimes simply rebooting to a green light.

I've had several calls to the UK and India help desks, who have run tests (when it's coincided with being down) and I've had 2 engineer visits plus a new hub. None of this has helped, although the frequency of drops is a little better (now down to every few hours, with about 30-60m to come back) but still makes the internet virtually unusable. The last engineer came when the connection was up, had been given zero background on a fault that's been going on for over a month, and simply said he couldn't explore a fault is his line test didn't fail.

I'm about to have to break contract and try Sky as this is exasperatinf and I just don't know where else to take the issue after BTs 'computer says no' response - but that feels defeatist. Any help would be very appreciated.

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Re: Broadband connection keeps dropping!

If the fault is on the Openreach network the changing providers will achieve nothing as the fault will follow you as all providers except Virgin use the Openreach fibre network

Have you tried the quiet line test dial 17070 option 2 you should hear no noise if you can hear noise then it needs reporting to BT faults on 151 with no mention of broadband in the call
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