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Re: Broadband dropping out intermittently

I have had nothing but issues with BT internet connection, today they managed to lose the England game and completely lost the last 5 minutes I am still without a ervice, I have to reboot router ipad and comoputer to get service I get it it for a second now gone I have "An unknown erroe occured"

All they want to do is end anengineer, knowing nothing is wrong with the equipment.

Now I will eboot all hoping I can get my paid for service back.

Thank you so much BT for caring

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Re: Broadband dropping out intermittently

are you dropping internet connection where hub lights change colour from steady blue or is it your wifi connection from hub to your ipad/computer that is the problem

constantly rebooting the router will result in a drop in conenction speed

post your hub stats

check line for noise  dial 17070 option 2  should be quiet and best with corded phone

try splitting the 2.4/5ghz network and see if that helps your ipad  try selecting the wifi channels manually rather than automatic

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