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Re: Broadband dropping out



Our broadband has been dropping out pretty much since we joined, now daily.  I have spent hours on the phone/on-line chat with them.  We do the same dance each time:  I explain the problem, they make me do things (often the same with some variation), they tell me it should be fine but to call back if its not....I inevitably call back and we carry out the same routine.  1.5-2 hoursc each time.  The last time I called the bloke was more that he expalined BT dont see it as a problem if it doesn't drop out more than 6 times a day so my service was fine! (I then explained it was fine to my daughter who at the time was trying to revise for A'levels).  Since they don't accept 6 or less drop outs is an issue apparently we have no hope of compensation.  I stilll can't find this on the small print.

The service they offer is poor and the reponse on contact (once you manage to find a way to contact them) is, at best, inadequate.  We are now paying £70 a month but tied in tilll October, we are planning a cenlebratory event when the happy day comes!

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Re: Broadband dropping out

Hub dropping daily is not acceptable never mind more often than that so whoever at customer service you spoke to told you rubbish really just to get you off the phone

are you or can you connect to the test socket with a filter and see if that helps stability

can you post stats from hub. Advanced settings then technical log information 

check for line noise. Dial 17070 option 2 should be quiet and best done with a corded phone

enter your phone number and post results remember delete number

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