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Re: Broadband usage exceeding monthly limit

By the way the site is bitter wallet just in case I can not put the URL here which I have

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Re: Broadband usage exceeding monthly limit

Also read Lotus26 comment in 2011.  Thats staggering.  How many people have moved to a more expensive contract that is not actually needed due to fear of high charges as Lotus26 mentions, surely not?


Link below to money savings expert thread 3125962


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Re: Broadband usage exceeding monthly limit

Can a mod please comment why this guy was told this:


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DefaultMe too!

I have been with BT Infinity Option 1 for 14 months and my normal usage is about 24 Gb. I was shocked to find when I checked my usage on 8 January to find that I had (allegedly) used 53.63Gb in the first 7 days of the month. I had checked only a day or two before that and the usage was in single figures. There is no way that I have downloaded that much data, as my computer is quite old and only has an 80Gb hard drive which is about 75% full. I have a small tablet and my son has a 16Gb iPad, neither of which could have downloaded such an amount of data. I submitted a complaint to BT, but they have said that the meter is correct. They suggested, however, that I change the wireless key, which I did with the help of their Technical Team. They have said that they will check my usage for the next month. I am not confident that I will get any joy from BT. I have been a telephone customer for almost 35 years and a BT Internet customer for 15 - so much for loyalty.
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Re: Broadband usage exceeding monthly limit

PCT, You have stated that Ofcom are investigating this so surely you do not expect a moderator to comment on stories that they have no knowledge about!

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Re: Broadband usage exceeding monthly limit

@markgraham wrote:

Update - just checked my email, monthly bill received and no charge for the alleged extra use.


So - I'm pleased that its worked out, still a bit annoyed that it needed a lot of help from people on here (for which I'm grateful) and numerous calls to BT to sort it (when if the initial call handler had known what seems to be a basic principle of how to calculate how much you can actually download they should have known straight away that there was a fault) and  still wondering whether or not to stay with BT/upgrade to unlimited......


But the level 2 team person who finally got the thing sorted was very good - if I do stay with BT it will be largely because of him.


I'm monitoring my usage daily, no nasty surprises so far - about 0.05 - 0.1GB per day (when I use the internet, which isn't every day, so that ties in with my usual average use of about 2.2GB a month. For that reason I'm very reluctant to give BT another £5 a month, especially when I dont use BT vision or BT sport. I'll be having a discussion with them when my annual line rental comes up next month.



I had the same worry and ended up with the same outcome Mark, at least we didn't get charged. I will also be paying closer attention to my usage meter. Smiley Wink

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Re: Broadband usage exceeding monthly limit

So thanks to everyone, especially Vofsanity for the help received.


Looking at this objectively now I've come to these conclusions:-


There was a fault. Its probably unrealistic to expect these things to work perfectly all the time so I dont think that in itself is unreasonable.


They sorted it out and didn't charge me - thats good, obviously, and as I've said before the level 2 guy was very helpfull. Apology? Well I dont have one in writing or email but he said he was sorry it had happened and reassured me it wasn't my fault and wouldn't be charged, so thats OK with me as well.


The remaining issue, and the one that still concerns me is that if I hadn't received the help and advice on here and had accepted what the call handlers I originally spoke to had said I would have had a substantial bill for something I hadn't used - and might have upgraded to unlimited to avoid it in future. I accept that is partly my fault - I didn't know and understand enough about download speeds to challenge what they said. Its a bit like complaining that your car engine has seized because you didn't put any engine oil in. But it does seem that this is a more widespread and possibly longstanding thing - I appear to be one of many who have found themselves in this situation and I feel BT should have been aware of it and been in a position to deal with it properly on first contact. I wonder how many people have paid up or upgraded as a result?

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Re: Broadband usage exceeding monthly limit

gg30340 yes I would expect a BT employee to explain why someone with excess usage was not told there is known issue but... read on....

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Re: Broadband usage exceeding monthly limit

I have a response from the escalation manager which differs from technical but...


1. Why did you tell me that the Broadband Usage tool, found online was accurate and should be solely relied on? 
He said he had personally spoke to the Technical Team for me, and confirmed that BT use the information that is taken directly from the exchange for the Broadband Usage that is trafficked through the BT Internet connection. This information is then updated onto the usage monitor on (which at times may be down for maintenance, but our advisors can provide an update weekly, daily, or yearly on usage). They do not take the usage from the BT Home Hub, as there could be other devices connected to this Hub which aren’t connecting to the Internet but could count against the “Data Transmitted”. For example; you could have your laptop networked (via the home hub) connected to another device (such as another laptop, or games console) which traffic’s data through the Home Hub, but isn’t counted as part of your Broadband Usage.

In additional to this, all customer to have BT Broadband or BT Infinity also have access to the app’s on BT.Com some of which won’t be taken off your Broadband Usage. For example; watching live or catch-up programmes on BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2 or ESPN on or the Mobile App won’t count towards your Broadband Data Usage, but will be seen/displayed on the Home Hub.

2. Why were you not aware that BT had posted a web article admitting that the usage may be inaccurate? 
He then said I  never said that I wasn’t aware of this information that was posted on the web (but he did not tell me at anytime). He is aware of the information on this article which clearly states:

“Dose my YouView viewing count towards my broadband usage allowance?”

No, not if you have a BT TV Subscription.

it come off your Broadband Usage even when watching the On Demand Channels. he appreciated that there is more information on this article which states about a known issue were some of the BT TV usage is showing against the Broadband Usage Monitor, however issue has been fixed. He will ensure that this article is removed and replaced with the new updated one of

3. Have you previously seen this article either through the web or any other medium?

As above – yes I have. BT have all been made aware of the issues at the start with the YouView usages showing on the Broadband Usage Monitor, but this has never affected any customer where they have exceeded the usage, as the “ports” in the exchange can identify the YouView usage from other usage, and removes it from the account.

4. Could you advise when the issue of the broadband usage being reported being wrong was first observed?

The first time BT were made aware of the issues surrounding the usage monitor showing this usage was during the Trails of the service long before it was released to the public. BT were aware that this showed against the usage, and we have worked to get this issue resolved, which as far as he has been advised it has been. 
5. How is my BT Vision usage so low? I have streamed now for at least 4 (maybe more I just left it) hours which must be more than 0.19GB alone but this was an increase of 0.07Gb. Looking at the hub stats, these increased considerably. For clarity the test was with only BT Vision streaming – all other devices were disabled yet my usage has gone up 1GB and my BT Vision use by only 0.07Gb. 
He explained that he understood that I'd disconnected all other devices from accessing the Hub, and therefore feel that the usage is incorrect as only the BT Vision was being used and that I feel this has caused an increase to the usage, but this is something that you would need to review with our Technical Team. Which I did and they said they new of the issue three weeks before.
6. Can you tell me (or find out for me) what the BT Vision service uses (data wise) when streaming box sets. What I am asking is how much data would watching one hour of a box set produce. I am happy to accept a range 
Activity type Typical usage
Online catch-up TV service (1 hour) 644 MB
Video streaming: for example, YouTube (1 hour) 492 MB
Online gaming (1 hour) 43 MB
Standard definition movie (2 hours) 1974 MB
High definition movie (2 hours) 4292 MB
Music (1 album, 10 tracks) 80 MB
Photo (1 photo) 5 MB


This does not make sense as I used 0.07Gb streaming 4 hours or so of data

7. In terms of the broadband usage website showing incorrect information, will this be corrected? or is this something else you will not comment on?

The usage monitor is correct, although there are times when (as I’ve advised where it will be down for maintenance)

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Re: Broadband usage exceeding monthly limit

i upgraded to unlimited before the end of the month and i too was not charged the excess of circa £130.
however i am still none the wiser how i uploaded 70G on the 12 /13th jan when co incidentally several others reported similar issues on the same date.
i upgraded as there is more to life than checking daily my internet usage and spending circa 3 hrs per day on the phone to BT trying to get a sensible response.
The BT call centre is completely scripted hence a complete waste of time. when they cant answer or wont ,they transfer you.
In my opinion for what its worth BT must know they have an issue with their system but like most large organisation wont publicaly admit as much.
So for me its simple .... pay up and take unlimited or move to someone else when your contract allows. But beware if on a limited G deal how can you be sure they will be any better or diferent. In future i will be looking for the best unlimited package i can get that has a reliable service.... given those two factors it might mean i stay with BT unless anyone else knows of a more competitive provider who has a reliable service.?
whilst i have had a upload usage issue the BT internet service has been fast and without interuption which is more than can be said of our previous provider.
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Re: Broadband usage exceeding monthly limit

I now have confirmation that there is still an ongoing issue.  I will post more when I know more but anyone with any concerns should check with BT again.

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