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Re: Can receive but not send - bt internet mail

I have had the same BT email address since before I worked for BT, many years ago. I can use the online email to send/receive but on iPhone and on outlook I can only receive. It keeps asking for my password. This is quite random, because  not long ago I could use both ways - it just stopped working and asking me for a password. I have ticked the box and still no luck. 

I used to use Yahoo but was transferred to BT email.

Are BT trying to get rid of free email addresses, even though I worked for BT for ten years.

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Re: Can receive but not send - bt internet mail

Are you a BT Broadband customer or paying for your email through a BT Premium email account?

If neither of the above, your email account will have been "downgraded" to the BTMail basic account.

This still allows free use of the email account when using a web browser (webmail) but it can not be used on an email client/app

See link for types of email accounts.

BT Email products | Types of BT Emails | BT Help

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