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Re: Complaining to Ofcom and demanding compensation from BT

Well, having found this forum and the many posts - I am at least glad that I am not being singled out by BT for such poor service.


My story started on 14th June, when I ordered a phone line and broadband. The property didn't have a phone line connected - so I made sure I carefully explained this to the (very helpful) operator I spoke to when ordering. She assured me that all of the details had been recorded and that I would shortly receive a date for an engineer to visit. I duly paid for the phone line, one year in advance, the money being taken the same day.


I then received said date - 1st July, between 1pm and 6pm. So I took the day off and drove the 3 hours to the property to await the engineer.  By 4:45 when noone had shown up I called the helpline - again a (very helpful) operator checked and advised that the engineer was running late but should be with me shortly.  When he hadn't turned up I again called at 6:15 to see whether I needed to wait any longer. This time I eneded up speaking (I gather) to one of the scripted individuals in India.  After 30 minutes he managed to find the order (after several - please wait while I check) and assured me that all the work had been done and the phone shoul be working - could I please lift the receiver and check!  As I still had no phone line, let alone a phone, I carefully explained - but eventually had to give up listening to scripted responses.


The next day - July 2nd - I phoned during the day and again spoke to a (very helpful) operator - who apologiised and (after two more calls) arranged another engineer for 8th July. During this call I made sure that I explained again that it needed a line physically connected to the property. She apologised - it was not listed on the order - but assured me that she had added it.


So on 8th July I took another day off and drove the 3 hours to the property.  Right on time an engineer arrived - perfect.  Well, maybe not perfect - he explained that there was no phone line so openreach would need to come out and do a survey and then arrange the work. He confirmed that nothing was documented on the order to indicate that this was necessary, so evidently my previous discussions had not been added.


After several more phone calls eventually, on 15th July, I again took the day off and drove the 3 hours to the property. An openreach surveyer arrived. He measured up and said a line from a nearby telegraph pole would need to be run. This would then go to the electricity pole and so to the property. He thought this would take 1-2 weeks, including getting permission from the electricity company. 


During this whole time the online order tracker still showed 1st July.


Since that time I have phoned up every 3-4 days. Each time I phone I go through the same procedure:

(Helpful and apologetic) operator - "ah, I see your order is delayed, but there is no update. I will check..."

(5 minutes wait, sometimes followed by a "I will have to call you back")

(Still helpful and apologetic) operator - "Sorry for the delay. The engineers have said there is no update - but they will update you in 3 days"


On two occassions when someone phoned me back - they then put me on hold (20mins and 30mins) while they chased for an update - only to come back with the same "No update - but there will be one in 3 days"


Each time I have waited until after the deadline they advised has passed - but still no progress.


So it is now 18th August - more than 2 months after I ordered AND PAID FOR a phone line and broadband. Still no update, still no phone line.  My next deadline is tomorrow - I was assured that I would receive an update by then.


Anyone care to hazard a guess as to whether that will happen? I have a feeling that I will end up calling again the following day.


I have to say that (apart from one abortive phone call to India) every other operator has tried to be very helpful and has been very apologetic. Initially this helped - but now I would be happy to have a grumpy, non-apologetic operator - if only something actually happened!


Surely BT have a system whereby they should document calls so that some action can finally be taken?  Throughout all of this I have been very polite - as I actually feel very sorry for the operators, who must spend most of their working life apologising, all the time knowing that most likely nothing will happen.


So - where do I go from here -

1) Continue to wait, getting less patient?

2) Try to escalate within BT (I have tried asking for a supervisor, but to no avail)

3) Try BT complaint department? (From other reports - this will be circular and non-effective

4) Approach Ofcom? (Do they simply document complaints - or take action?


Any other suggestions welcome.....

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Re: Complaining to Ofcom and demanding compensation from BT

Hi hackin8.

Welcome to the forum.

Please send us your details and we'll look into this for you. You can find our contact link by going to my profile page, under "About me".

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Re: Complaining to Ofcom and demanding compensation from BT

Thank you Stephanie - I have just sent my details, hoping you can help.
Situation remains the same - after another 2 weeks, still no update and nothing apparently done.
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