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Re: Current Service Problems: who do we believe - BT or PlusNet?

Monday morning 11-45 am still no phone service, only intermittant broadband. Friend reported fault on my line, engineer said "We may have the exchange problem fixed by the 28th".  Seems pretty obvious from what info available,(especially regarding bank payments etc) that BT has been comprehensively hacked and trashed due to failure to anticipate such actions, whether State , commercial interests ,(competitors) or merely malicious or thieving activity. I personally greatly resent being charged in advance for a service not delivered, with no warnings and no apology, in spite of several unanswered communications to BT. I also resent that my mobile costs are rising sharply due to this. I will be looking to BT for compensation for this, as well as the disruption of services, an apology, and a reduction in my bill for services not delivered, including interest on the money extracted from my bank account. If I ran a business like this I would soon find myself in court! Why not BT?

    Ever considered the amount of money in interest charges that BT would be paying if the money charged in advance were borrowed from a bank instead?

   Seems obvious to me that BT are likely to go down the drain soon; and all that "Charged in advance" money will evaporate without trace. Time to change provider!

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Re: Current Service Problems: who do we believe - BT or PlusNet?

Hi Friskus


Welcome to the Community.


I can have this looked at for you. Can you send me an email using the contact us form in my profile you will find the address for this form in the section about me.





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