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Th epull down box is empty- meant to have DDNS service names pre-filled?Th epull down box is empty- meant to have DDNS service names pre-filled?Hi All, I Received my Infinity kit on tuesday. Link is fine but issue setting up DDNS. Has anyone a similar problem? .


I am going in GUI circles getting errors. Using both I.E. and Chrome on HH five Broadband>Advanced>Dynamic DNS page - this has a "service " pull down box - but nothing in it and nothing can be entered here..


When I enter all the other details for the dynamic DNS service I have  (username, password, host) and click "apply" - I get an error response from home hub five saying "Please select a DNS service". Seems impossible to get the GUI to work. SW version is v0.07.03.0814-BT. Chat line claim the HH5 is faulty and replacement is due - looks like a sw glitch to me..



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New HH5 User inteface screen issues

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Hi All.


My new HH5 doesn't fill in fields in the graphical User Interface, it seems.


This screen shot below is typical of several GUI screens : note the absence of the top row headline filled in, nor any service data line line state / connection time loaded. There is no back button either - the browser back has to be used, which seems a bit remiss..

Can any one confirm if this is how their HH5 appears?  I am not sure if there is an issue with the HH5 I have..


This may also be linked to the issue I have with the DDNS set up page, in that the DDNS service pull down is not being populated..




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Re: New HH5 User inteface screen issues

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You don't use something like AdBlock Plus do you?

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Re: New HH5 User inteface screen issues

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Tim- genius! now sorted. 

Kaspersky "Anti-banner" was the culprit. Having switched this off I can see all the fields filled in with data. It is strange how some of the UI pages were complete whilst others remained incompleted.  AntiBanner is something for the BT / helpdesk people to be aware of - as a result of the lengthy chat session I had yesterday, the final diagnosis was a faulty HH5 box, so a replacement is on its way. Maybe a BT person is able to take this result on board.. ?


This is a further issue for me and Kaspersky, my Chromecast device will not attach to Chrome unless Kasperksy's TLS traffic checker is turned off. The packet policemen are just too zealous!


However I still can't get the DDNS to work, but at least I am one stage further on. Many thanks!

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