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Re: Disappointed new customer AGAIN

Hi BT....


Where do I start... I placed an order for BT infity and BT TV and the Phone line all online for the 22nd august. A day later and the dates been moved and when I call and wait for over 30 mins I am told its sky my existing provider who have delayed this.


I have called sky and they answer within a minute and say BT requested to take over on the 24th and not the 22nd.


Managers have promised to call me back from BT but no calls have been recieved and when I tell them I am going to canccel if this doesnt get sorted they say ok...


I am a new customer and have experienced the best of customer service from you already who knows what is like when you are tied into a contract.


If this doesnt get resolved ASAP i will cancel and go back to sky and never think of joining BT again!

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Re: Disappointed new customer AGAIN

I moved your post to start your own thread on the correct board as the other thread was marked as solved


this is a customer help custome community forum and your posts do not go to BT

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