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Re: Drop in speed from 17Mbps to 5Mbps ...

I'm responsible for 3 separate BT broadband accounts at three different addresses in 3 parts of the country. I've recently "upgraded" all 3 routers to BT HomeHub4. Subsquently, there has been a dramatic FALL in download speeds at all 3 locations.  Can't be a coincidence!

The falls have been from 14 to 7; from 11 to 7; and from 6 to 4.

Are the new HomeHubs faulty, or is BT throttling them - perhaps to push us into ordering Infinity?

Unless things improve, I shall have to consider switching supplier, after a lifetime with BT.

All suggestions welcome.

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Drop in speed from 17Mbps to 5Mbps ...

the probability of all 3 hubs being faulty is extrememly remote and BT do not throttle the conenctions apart from p2p and then only on contracts prior to feb 2013


the bt customers would need to post stats for assistance from forum members  only bt employees on forum are the mods and your posts do not go to bt

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