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Re: E mail issues Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC92

I have been trying to deal with problem receiving and sending (but mostly receiving) emails with my BT Yahoo account now for about 7 years. The email client I currently use in WLM, but the problems arise whichever client I use.


Let's be quite plain here: the BT call centre in India is worse than useless. It elevates the problem because everyone PROMISES to fix the problem at the start of the conversation (after the 'on hold' music for 20 minutes), then after going through the same procedures over and over (saying "No, I've already tried that" does not stop them repeatedly doing this) they put you on hold for another 20 minutes and then they cut you offer.


Sometimes they escalate you to a level two technician, who knows the same (i.e. nothing) as the level one technician and so wastes another half hour of your time.


Every time I phone this diabolical sham I know I am going to be lied to, put on hold several times, transferred, made to do the same things as I've done literally DOZENS of times before.


This can happen for days at a time. I am in a never ending cycle of talking to people who don't understand what they are doing, but who all blithely PROMISE me that they will fix the problem but never fix it.


The worst thing is that I know whenever I phone them that this is always going to happen. It never changes. The incompetence of BT is astounding.


I eventually decided I'd had enough and went to Virgin Media. What a relief! I also get the service for about a third of the cost because it takes Virgin just the one line to do what BT took two lines to do. And my TV service is better.


But BT still sticks it tentacles where they aren't wanted. Anyone who uses the Aweber email service will now find that they cannot use the double opt-in option (which is designed to prevent spam) because the BT system thinks that the verification email is spam, and so deletes it! Therefore I have to go back an extra layer of security and as a result I risk more spam getting though.


Brilliant move, BT!


But BT denies that they have done anything wrong. They first admitted it then they withdrew their admission and now they blame Aweber!


In fact, if BT knew how they could withdraw from this position technically then they would (of course!) but they don't know how to undo what has been done because they are a bloated bureaucracy whose left hand never knows what its right hand is doing.


My best quote from their call centre was the woman who told me that theu would be escalating the issue to the Ingenious Team. Ha! The Ingenious Team! Could she have meant the Engineer's Team?


My advice to anyone with a BT account: just save yourself years of frustration now and get out to another ISP TODAY.


BT is a hopeless entity and it is obviosly only a matter of time before it loses market share.

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