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Re: Email problems on iPhone with the correct username & password

both my husband and I have had this problem today.  I phoned but and the rep took me through these stages and they didn’t work. Kept getting a fault message about SSP.  Eventually after deleting Mail on iPad and iPhone at least 3 times each rep went for further advice from tech. Upshot is that new but email server won’t operate with apple products (for some people). They know it’s a fault and say they are working with apple to fix it.  Meanwhile I was told to download the bt email app and log on through that.  Not happy!  Firstly about not being told about new bt email system. Then about bt/apple issue which the bit rep didn’t even know about and wasted an hour setting up and deleting email.

when I asked to make a complaint was told that I wouldn’t get a response because they already know about the issue.  Insisted on making a complaint.  An hour later I received an email saying my complaint was closed.  No explanation about resolution or an apology. Not good enough!

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Thanks for your post, I've spent 48hrs attempting to remedy this problem on both my wife and my devices (all Apple) I know this is a BT Issue, not ours....

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Re: Email problems on iPhone with the correct username & password

I have never heard of there being a new "known" issue with BTMail and Apple devices however I have asked the moderators to clarify if that is factually correct or if you have just been given a load of flannel to get you off the line.

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Re: Email problems on iPhone with the correct username & password

Hi @Sw3 and @Ashley_davis, I'm really sorry to see you're having problems with your email on your iPhone, we're not aware of any issues. Is the error message you're referring to SSL and can you confirm what version of iOS you're on? 

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Re: Email problems on iPhone with the correct username & password

Im running 14.0.1 on my iPhone, and 10.15.7 Catalina on the MACs. My call yesterday with BT Helpdesk also stated verbally that BT no longer support any form of mail other than WebMail blaming Apple, despite Outlook being a MSFT product. Im constantly having to delete the account, re-enable the account and am able to get 30mins normal operation until errors repeated - No outbound mail.....

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Re: Email problems on iPhone with the correct username & password

The CS rep was not entirely correct. 

There are many hundreds of thousands if not millions of people using email clients/app with BT's email system. That is what most people use on mobile devices and BT do supply the server settings so that they can be used.

When BT say the only support webmail what is meant is that BT can not offer help if you have problems with an email client or email app, not that you must use webmail and can not use an email client/app.

Can you confirm if you are a BT Broadband customer or paying for your email through a BT Premium email account and if a broadband customer was the email account set up on your BT Broadband account or was it set up on a previous broadband account or is a sub account of a previous BT Broadband account


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Re: Email problems on iPhone with the correct username & password

Im a BT broadband customer, and pay for my email. Regardless - the issue is the same on Wifi or Cellular (I've disconnected Wifi and run on 02) and same experience. BTW, this is occurring on my account, my wife's account and all our devices....We're both reasonably astute with Tech, but still experiencing the same issues....Can recieve email, but not send. This issue came over the weekend, and still exists today. I assure you I've tried all options.

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Re: Email problems on iPhone with the correct username & password

I am trying to establish if your email accounts have been downgraded to the BT Basic email service which only works using a web browser.

When you say you are a BT Broadband customer and paying for your email do you mean you also have a BT Premium Email account or just that you pay for your email through your BT Broadband account?

Were the email accounts set up on your present BT Broadband account or was it in a previous BT broadband account which you left for another provider and then subsequently returned to BT and started your present BT Broadband account but continued using the email address from the "old" BT Broadband account?

Have you logged onto your MyBT and gone to "Your Products" > "Email Manage" and checked the status of the email accounts.

Are they showing as active and are they showing as "Standard" or "Basic"?

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Re: Email problems on iPhone with the correct username & password

We've not moved provider, have BT Broadband (20yr customer) and have checked that we are Standard customers on email as per your script... still getting the same errors on both email accounts. Nothing has changed on our home configuration I assure you. Starting Monday we've been unable to send email from IPHONEs, and have consistent problems with outlook from our desktops. Something changed.. I have : deleted our accounts on the devices, re-installed, check passwords, both have web mail no issues assuring this is not password issues, have deleted accounts on IPHONES and reinstalled, same issue. To note, when phones check mail there is a delay in caching. I have disabled Wifi and no change on cellular (4G). We use different BT addresses for email, but same issue.Please feel free to call me to clarify all steps taken to resolve. As I said, calls to your Helpdesk assure me that BT no longer supports any Email client other than WebMail, not Outlook or any Apple device which is not reassuring....

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Re: Email problems on iPhone with the correct username & password

Just so that you are aware, this is a BT customer to customer forum. I am not nor ever have been employed by BT. I am customer just like you and as such it is not my Helpdesk nor will I be phoning you to clarify anything. I do not work from a script. I try to help posters by using my experience and knowledge gained from being a user of this forum.

I have explained about the incorrect information regarding what you have been told by the CS rep about BT not supporting email clients and I sought clarification regarding what you were told about email on Apple devices and if you read message 4 you will see that a moderator, who is a BT employee at a higher level than the front line CS rep, responded that there were no issues with Apple devices.

I will now bow out of your thread as it would appear that my asking you questions in order to try and diagnose and establish where the problem may lie are not seen being necessary by you.


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