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Re: Extremely slow broadband Hub 5.

The last 24 hours we are having an absolute broadband nightmare. Normally around 40Mbps on Infinity, yesterday it started to drift up and down, finally as slow as 2, and then started to cut out all together.

Midnight phone call to BT, was told OpenReach working in the area, all fine in 12 hours.

This am, total cut-off, and advised 5 days!

Ocassionally cuts in again, but no-one can say whether or not this work with OpenReach is true. I called BT again and was told they had found no fault on line. A second call yielded the result that they had determined my Hub 5 was broken and, suprise suprise, because I'm not in contract I need to buy a new one.


Can anyone, with 'access', help me to determine what, if any, from all these variants is true? Anyone know how to track down OpenReach works? My postcode is TN31 7NY is that helps with anything...


All help gratefully received. My wife and I work from home, we are desperate with this situation!


Thanks very much for reading.

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Re: Extremely slow broadband Hub 5.

You can check for problems here


Status Check

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