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Re: Gold / Silver issue

Hi @DanielS  I am having the same gold/silver issue when trying to order broadband from BT. I could not find my address on BT's broadband deal website. I tried searching for my address on Openreach's database and was informed that my address does not map to Gold NAD key? Can you please investigate this issue for me so i can proceed with my broadband order? **Edited**

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Re: Gold / Silver issue


You would need to follow the process for ordering a new phone line first. Once that has been provided, then the Openreach database will be updated and you will be able to see what broadband options are available to you.

Place an order for a line only using this link -

If the address doesn't appear properly when you enter the postcode, there is a section underneath where you can manually enter the address.  This will raise the order with the address showing as bronze and it will prompt Openreach to carry out a survey to confirm the routing.   Once the routing is updated the order will then progress as normal.  You can then add broadband once you have the line up and running.

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Re: Gold / Silver issue

Hi @lukawang 

Welcome to the BT Community and thanks for your post!

I'm really sorry for the problems you're having placing your order.  The advice that @Keith_Beddoe  has gave you is spot on.  You need to order a phone line first and when you're connected you can order broadband.

Actually, try giving my colleagues in the helpdesk a call on 0800 800 150.  They'll know there and then if they can put everything through for you.  If not, they'll let you know what needs to happen next.  Post back and keep us updated with how things are going.



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