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Re: Group emails

A different but related question - would you be able to help me set up a group of addresses so that I can send a number of e-mails simultaneously please?

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Re: Group emails

If you are just wanting to send an email just once to a group of people you could just log onto your email account and click "Compose". It will open up a new email. Click on the To+ button at the address bar. This will bring up your list of contacts. Select one and click "Add" .

This will add the contact to the address bar, you then need to click on To+ again and click on the next contact you want to receive the email and click "Add". You need to do this until all the people you want to receive your email are added then complete your email and send.

Doing it that way will however allow all the recipients to see who else has received the email.

If you do not want all the recipients to know who else was sent the email you need to do the following.

Start an email as above and click on Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) which is at the right hand side of the address bar, this will add it to the email address bar choices, then click on Bcc  and add contacts in the same manner as above but on each occasion use the Bcc to bring up your contacts list. Once all contacts are added to the Bcc address bar complete your email and send.

If you want to send emails to the same group of people on a regular basis you should set up a "Group" which will contain all the relevant contacts.

To do that you log onto your email account and then click on the "Contacts" button in the menu bar. This will bring up a list of your contacts. At the top of the list click on "New" and in the drop down box select "Add Contact Group". Give the new Group a name and click save. 

Still in the Contacts page you will now find the Group folder you have made by clicking on "Main" at the right hand side.

To add your Contacts that you want in this Group you click on Main, which will bring up your Contacts list and you can either drag and drop your chosen contacts into the Group folder or tick the box beside the contact and then click on the small icon to the right that looks like head and shoulders and this will give you the option to add it to your Group. Once you have added your contacts the Group is ready to be used.

Go to Compose email and in the new email click on To+  and when your Contact list opens scroll down and you will find the Group folder that you made. Select that and all the contacts in the group will be added to the address bar.

Again this will mean that all the contacts will be able to see who else received the email.

If you don't want that click Compose email and then Bcc this will open your Contact list and scroll down to the Group and click on it. This will add all the Group to the Bcc address bar. Complete your email and send.