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Re: Help with cancellation

We cancelled with them on the phone.....we had all in all about 5 different phone calls with them and then got throughbt o cancellation person , who tried her best to get us to stay....but we asked to be cancelled...she said okay then it appears nothing else was done  jusry so bloody angry AGAIN with them 

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Help with cancellation

We have cancelled our package completely with BT on the 17th the renewal packages were too expensive.....but it appears BT have not cancelled our contract. I cannot get through on the phone, no email to send an enquiry to....I really do not need this stress right now but I do not know who can sort it....I understand they are busy and I understand it's exceptional times at the moment......but I just know BT will try billing us again as someone in their incompetence has not cancelled our account. All the way through my BT contract I have never come across such a poorly run disheartened with them and will not go back

I know they are going to deny that weve ever cancelled....and they will try n charge us. 

I work in NHS I don't need this stress and I cannot afford to pay them and the company I am now with.....I need some help 

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Re: Help with cancellation

How did you cancel ? did you ask BT to close your account down and give 30 days notice or did you ask another provider that uses the Openreach network to take over the line ?

If you did so on the 17th March, a manual cease will see the services end on 16th April 2020, If a takeover it takes around 14 days to switch.
What notification have BT sent ? have you had a 'sorry to see you leave' or 'another provider has told us they are taking over the line' email ?

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Re: Help with cancellation

Sorry about the mistakes in the last reply my phone played silly buggers lol 

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Re: Help with cancellation

If a cancellation was placed you should of had an emailing confirming the account closure.

Can I ask if you're planning on going with no internet, moving to Virgin or switching providers ? if you're switching then just switch because a pending cease on the line will break the takeover/transfer.

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Re: Help with cancellation

We have left and we are up and running with Virgin 

I'm on hold at moment ....should take up to Half an hour to get through....

It's the cancellation woman that hasn't passed the cancellation on....but we are within the 14days cooling off period so we will persevere with the on hold .....sorry incompetence just irritates me especially from a huge company. one needs this stress at the moment 

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