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Re: Home Hub 2 Connection Keeps Dropping

My Home Hub 2 has been dropping its connection regularly most days for months. I've spoken to a number of people in India, who told me to check my wiring/filters/Sky boxes etc and said it would cost us £130 if they sent an engineer who found the problem was one of these. We had BT re-do all of everything a year ago when our phones stopped working for weeks, so I don't see how it can be any of these, so I think it must be the Home Hub 2.0 issues mentioned in the link. Do I circumvent all the reiteration with people (who aren't really listening) in India (and who keep telling me the same stuff) by accessing BT via the link you mention ? Do you think it will make any difference to getting something done ? Silly question, I know.

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Re: Home Hub 2 Connection Keeps Dropping - new thread

Welcome to this customer to customer forum.

To enable forum members to help you, please could you look at Helping forum members to help you which asks you to do a few checks first, and has some helpful hints.
When you have done that, please post the results here, so members can offer advice.


Its best to check these things first, before assuming that its the home hub 2 that is faulty.


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