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Re: Home Hub 5 advertising on radio

Hi guys!  


I'm non-Comms but techy.  Since i ordered BT superhub 5  on Sept 19- I have had daily outtages - totally unacceptable.  I am working as an on-line tutor - so I'm losing clients and being penalised for it.  Things have settled down a little recently until I had intermittent outtages today from 11:20 - 12:40.  I live on a busy main road and I knw that BT are using my Homehub (taht I apt a premium price for!!) as a Wifi hotspot.  




You mention a Wifi eating monster - this is what I think I've got in the peak periods of 12-1pm and 5-7pm, and also sometimes after schools aout around 3pm , and esp in school holidays...  when the kids are on Minecraft/Xbox etc...


I'm a little nervous about switching my devices to a  (fixed) channel - as Bt Super hub 665 is meant to do this for me.  


Any adive a) on how to do this and b) whtether or not I should do it all?


Kindest regards



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Re: Home Hub 5 advertising on radio

There should be no problem switching to a fixed channel.  Ideally, use a WiFi analyser on a wireless gadget and pick a channel that doesn't look too busy.  If it doesn't work well enough, just try another channel.  Be aware that on 2.4GHz WiFi, the channels overlap, so moving up just one channel doesn't achieve much.  Any wireless gadgets should automatically re-connect on the new channel - there's nothing to change on them.


When fiddling with Home Hub wireless settings, it may be helpful to have a wired connection to a PC or laptop so that you can change things back again if necessary.


As for reliability, residential broadband isn't intended for business use.  If it doesn't work, it can take a few days before Openreach will attend to fix it.  If you want a guaranteed quality of service, you need business broadband.  Nobody can guarantee a reliable WiFi connection, as they have no idea what interference there is from other systems around you.  There's a good reason why offices are often still wired for ethernet.

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Re: Home Hub 5 advertising on radio

There's bound to be a guru who can confirm what I'm offering here.  


BT FON (let's call the public service) uses the same radio as your own WiFi and thus the same channel. I believe BT FON only uses the (crowded) 2.4GHz band).  BT's firmware in the HH5 will apply QoS to the traffic such that anything for you or transmitted by you gets priority.  That only goes so far; if the public user is transmitting, irrespective of QoS, your channel is congested. 


Thus if you MUST use wireless, and if BT FON is causing you issues, then mission critical work is best done via a wired device.


Or turn FON off.




My advice is at your risk.
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Re: Home Hub 5 advertising on radio

Yep. Turn BT Fon off and use a wired connection.
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