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Re: Home hub dropping connection



I'm new here too, but have been on BT Broadband for two years now.  


Recently, the hub has been dropping out intermittently.   The 'power' and 'wireless' lights stay on, but the 'broadband' light goes off fully.   After about five minutes or so, the broadband light will start flashing orange, then come on fully in blue again.   


I am wired to the computer and never use wireless.   


This is becoming a pain now as I trade financials online.  

The hub is never switched off, althiough is in a cool area and doesn't appear to be overheating, could leaving it on all the time be detrimental?   I was advised by a techy to just leave it on, as continual heating /cooling may be worse for it longterm.


Any ideas guys?


Please email me if you like.


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Re: Home hub dropping connection

Got to disappear for a while but as above, carry out the "quiet line" test.....Smiley Wink

If you found this post helpful, then please click the star on the left, after all, I'm only trying to help........Smiley Wink
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Re: Home hub dropping connection

I have moved you on to your own thread so that any answers you get are relevant to you and don't get confused with the Poster's thread you originally posted on.


What type of broad band do you have? Is it ADSL (Normal) broadband or VDSL/ Infinity?


The Homehub is designed to left on 24/7 so that should not be a problem.


Do you have a separate white Openreach modem? What Homehub do you have?


Have you tried a factory reset of the Homehub by pressing a pin into the recess button on the rear for about 20 seconds. This can often solve problems.

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