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Re: I want to Recover all my old BT Yahoo eMail

I am really, really disgusted with BT & Yahoo & Apple for making all my old email disappear. Some of it is vital. I was promised unlimited storage and specifically told nothing would ever be deleted. Foolishly I trusted these manipulative, lying toe rags. And now all my old mail has vanished. Is it possible to find it. Does anyone know what on earth is going on here ?


There is absolutely no excuse whatever for the poor quality of all this rubbish software inflicted on us all. We need to organise a consumer rebellion against what is appalling rip off behaviour by the producers of software who impose all this rubbish on us all.


I have always used Apple Macs - using their email 'client' (what a stupid unhelpful & meaningless name that is) and my email on my current computer only goes back to 2012 & it seems it is the same for the Yahoo site and the BT email site. Obviously these obnoxious people have just decided to simply destroy my email - and everyone else's too.


Does anybody know how to retrieve email going back tothe begining of an email account being  opened ?


I am already thinking of suing Yahoo & BT & Apple for this theft of my property & I suggest other people might also consider bringing a legal action against these ghastly people.

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Re: I want to Recover all my old BT Yahoo eMail

Good luck wuth that.


"Yahoo does not guarantee that you will have permanent access to your data used with the Services, or that it will provide copies to you in the event data is deleted or lost. Yahoo encourages you to properly back up your data. Yahoo will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your inability to access or retrieve information from the Services." paragraph 4.2.

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