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Re: Improving our broadband help

On Friday 1st January 2021 I ordered FTTP broadband, and BT TV for my home, and was given a date of 12th February for the installation. On Wednesday 10th February the TV box, plus hub and mini connectors arrived, and on Friday 12th February the engineer called. He looked at the property, and at the pole opposite on which the fibre was terminated, and said he couldn`t do the installation. A few days later I received an Email from OpenReach informing me that the date of installation of FTTP was now Friday 7th May 2021. This is not acceptable - I`m sure it doesn`t take 4 months to instal fibre to the property, even with the current restrictions due to the pandemic. I`m a new customer to BT, and your website indicates that it takes two weeks from initial ordering of the kit to the installation of fibre. What`s gone wrong? I cancelled my phone & TV provider EE, thinking that the 12th February was the date of changeover, but they are still charging me for phone calls and broadband. Please sort it out ASAP.

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Re: Improving our broadband help

this is a customer help customer forum and your post does not go to BT

try phoning the FTTP 08005874787

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