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Re: Infinity 2 sudden speed changes - help please

I wonder if the moderators can help me please - I've been trying to solve this issue and still have the problem nearly a year after it started.


I have tried everything including an upgrade to a Smart Hub and all routers give me a rock solid connection at the slower speeds with SNR down around 6 in both directions. I'll post my stats below.


When I log faults they either get closed with no fault or if I cause a fuss I get to reset myt hub to factory defaults, get offered an engineer visit (I am still annoyed at the last £129.99 sting for no fault found) and a text before the visit to say a fault has been found at the exchange and then the fault gets closed down with no change (or even a resync) and no information.


I note that my line attenuation is low - which matches the fact that I'm near to the exchange and even nearer to the fibre cabinet which was installed a year ago on my Direct Exchange Line. If DLM is stuck does it reduce the SNR too?


I know my line can run stable at 70Mb as it did from August 2015 to December 2015 but now I'm getting below Infinity 1 max speeds and yet have been paying for Infinity 2 all this time. More importantly I need the extra bandwidth.


Please help - my stats follow. I only rebooted a couple of days ago in anticipation of a fix having been done at the exchange.


Product name:

BT Hub 6A

Serial number:


Firmware version:


Firmware updated:


Board version:


Gui version:


DSL uptime:

2 Days, 14 Hours 26 Minutes 56 Seconds

Data rate:

11.79 kbps / 50.53 kbps

Maximum data rate:

11789 / 50693

Noise margin:

6.1 / 6

Line attenuation:


Signal attenuation:




Latency type:

Fast Path

Data sent / received:

2507 MB Uploaded / 1419 MB Downloaded

Broadband username:

BT Wi-fi:

Not active

2.4 GHz wireless network name:


2.4 GHz wireless channel:

Smart (Channel 11)

5 GHz wireless network name:


5 GHz wireless channel:

Smart (Channel 36)

Wireless security:

WPA2 (Recommended)

Band steering:


Wireless mode:

Mode 1



MAC address:


Software variant:


Boot loader:


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Re: Infinity 2 sudden speed changes - help please

In order to find out what services and speed range you should be getting, please enter your phone number into this form.
Broadband availability checker

Please remember to edit out your phone number before you post the results.

Is there any noise on your phone calls? Dial 17070 and select option 2, there should be no noise between the announcements.


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Re: Infinity 2 sudden speed changes - help please

I'm puzzled why you split my post from my original thread? I have been trying to solve this issue since it occurred last December and all you've don't is split it away from the history of my problem??
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Re: Infinity 2 sudden speed changes - help please

My availability was on port 9 of my original thread, however here is today's picture - lower speeds than when I ordered Infinity.


Incidentally is there any relevance that the Jumpers have been left in on the ADSL2 services?


availability Oct 16.JPG

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Re: Infinity 2 sudden speed changes - help please

On the noisey line question, I have had a persistent crackle for around a year recently which has been reported a number of times. It can be so bad as to prevent me hearing the other caller at times. BT have never found and fixed it, yet I know my equipment is good and my line was new around 1 year ago from master socket to the roadside pole.


Since last weekend I haven't heard any noise on my line, but I can't find out if BT fixed anything with my service as one of the calls openned and then closed without telling me anything said a fault had been found at the exchange. Customer services just told me today that there was some work that would affect a small number of properties but they couldn't see any more.


So the crackle seems to have gone but my stats are the same

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