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Re: Internet cancelled not by me ?

My landline & broadband stopped working last night. I've been trying to find out why all day & I've only just discovered (after checking tracked orders) that I apparently cancelled both last night 

Obviously I didn't & it's a mistake on BT's side but I'm now without a landline & broadband. My 15 year old daughter is now missing very important online classes on the run up to her exams, including an online Art prelim which is taking place at this morning at 9am


What the hell is going on?!?

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Re: Internet cancelled not by me ?

Can anyone help? I can't get through on the phone



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Re: Internet cancelled not by me ?

Did you ever receive a notification to say that someone want to take over your line?

That can happen if someone places an order, and gives the wrong address by mistake.

Cancellations would have to be done over the phone, so have you spoken to anyone at BT, prior to your disconnection, perhaps to change or cancel part of your package?

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Re: Internet cancelled not by me ?

I've been with BT for years & had fibre at my old address. I moved home 1st November 2020 & since then been waiting for an engineer for fibre but it's been 1 delay after another but have had broadband in the meantime 

Someone at my old address has tried so get landline and broadband activated apparently (just been on live chat) which resulted in my services at my new address being cut off. They can't help so have given me a number to call which is the same number that had me on hold for 45 minutes earlier before cutting me off. I've now been on hold for 24 minutes on 2nd attempt but not very optimistic. 



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Re: Internet cancelled not by me ?


Everyone here, apart from the moderators, are just BT customers like yourself, so I do not think forum members can help with this.

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Re: Internet cancelled not by me ?

Hi @YvonnexXxXx, I'm really sorry your broadband has stopped working, I'll send you a private message so you can get in touch with the moderation team and we'll be happy to help.



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