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Re: Is there anybody that i can complain to about BT?

hi there

i feel sorry for you as i am going through a nightmare with bt as well, this is my story

ordered bt home phone ,infinity broadband and basic tv package with bt sport and two mobile sim back in may.

mobile sims arrived and are working well, the intended date for the phone line was late by a few days no problem as the other providers  left the line open,

no broadband connection on the appointed date and waited another month so had to purchase a dongle from argos for some broadband so i could connect to the internet

when broadband was connected no bt sport or bt player, bt player after many phone calls connected but still no bt sport

all through this nightmare i have contacted bt and been promised call backs from the order dept ,

last saturday one supervisor even took my mobile no and said she would call me back to see that the bt player and bt sport was up and running ,no call back lied to again,

i was also promised that some one would call me back on my mobile on wednesday to discuss compensation for my poor service and having to buy a broadband dongle for internet access due to bts complete incompetance guess what no phone call

i have phoned again re compensation and no bt sport today  10 30am and after several attempts got through and was promised some one would get back to me shortly, i am still waiting

what are my legal rights in cancelling all my services due to shoddy service as i have totally lost all faith in bt at present and fed up of being lied to constantly

regards Tony 


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Re: Is there anybody that i can complain to about BT?

If you just had a price increase this week, cancel worry free, payment free. 

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Re: Is there anybody that i can complain to about BT?

Hi tonybev and welcome. 


I'm really sorry you've had such a bad experience with BT. If you haven't been contacted about this I'd like to help. Just send over the details. You'll get the contact link in my profile.





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Re: Is there anybody that i can complain to about BT?

Thanks for the offer David,

Someone from BT did phone me back after i posted  on saturday night , they told me everything would be up and running in 24 hrs

Guess what , they set the BT player back up which was working okay anyway and still no BT sport which i was offered free when i took Infinity Broadband back in May

When i now try to get BT  sport on mybt account page it tells me that i have to sign up for a new contract for eighteen months to get BT  sport,

I do not want to be tied to a company like BT for another 18 months so i will do without the sport and cancel all my contracts as soon as i can

i thought Talk Talk were bad but BT take the biscuit as far as bad  service is concerned, 

Apparently i am getting a call from BT  tomorrow to discuss compensation,probably a one ring silent call as usually happens

I will let everyone know how i get on


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Re: Is there anybody that i can complain to about BT?

I strongly suggest you take up DavidM's offer of help he and the mod team will get this resolved for you
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