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Re: Locked out of BT email account

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I had a notice of suspicious activity on 1 of my 7 active emails this morning and when I came to check I had been locked out of my  primary BT email account and the other 6 as well.  I had to change the password on all 7 and it had to be the same one on all 7 accounts (how stupid is that?) Now I can login to my main account switch to 1 of 4 others (not all of my email accounts) using their new "improved" web email interface but I have problems using the mail app on my android phone and tablet.  Where do these people get their ideas from!  I'm obviously a little cheesed off. Thanks BT.

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Why do I always revert to changing the BT ID when trying to fix credentials?

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Yesterday one of my sub-accounts was reported with suspicious activity and I was advised in the text message  to reset the password. When I logged in to my BT webmail I found that the whole of my email account was locked (1 main and 6 secondary addresses)  I had to reset all 7 accounts to the same new password (individual passwords generated an error when I tried to apply the changes)  I selected the first of the sub-accounts and clicked on its change password link.  It then presented a sub-page reaquiring my current password (presumably the common one just previously entered) then the new password and confirmation.  This resulted in an error saying my entry for the current password was incorrect leaving me with the only option of clicking the forgot password link.  This then opened a window requiring my BT ID email address - ie: the primary address -  which I duly entered and was then required to input a new password and confirmation.  This did not result in the sub-account aquring a new password but it did change the primary email password. Now I can only access the main email account on anything other than the webmail 'switch accounts.'   I cannot use my android mail for these sub accounts.  Every time I try the above procedure the result is the same and I find I have changed the main BT ID password.

This has all happended since something has recently be "updated" by BT's software team.  Can someone take it in hand please and sort it out. 

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Re: Why do I always revert to changing the BT ID when trying to fix credentials?

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Have you tried accessing the accounts individually here  and changing the password rather than via MyBT?

Please delete the reference number in your post, this is a public forum.

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Re: Why do I always revert to changing the BT ID when trying to fix credentials?

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Seems like I have been here before but I see now that when it requests BT ID or email address you can use the email ofone of the sub-accounts. I tried this and Yes - that fixed it. Lack of clarity in the instructions seems to have been the issue. Many thanks.
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