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Re: Lost all sent emails from my sent folder up to 15 December

I previously lost all emails  in my in box from 2010 to 2014 and now I have lost all emails prior to 15 December 2020, BT have advised they cannot locate them, cannot return them they are completely lost however they will raise a ticket!  Years of emails completely gone according to the BT forums I am not alone all I can suggest is do not delay transfer to a reliable provider before it is too late and you also endure this nightmare.  The other problem I have is trying to read my emails it does not allow to read the email I have clicked on it opens up other emails either side of the one I want so BT has a serious problem which they have not fixed and they continue to be complacent in their manner, goodbye BT.

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Lost all emails in my in box prior to 15/12/20

As stated all my emails in my IN BOX prior to 15/12/2020 have gone missing

All my SENT emails since 17/12/2005  yes 2005 are still in the sent box


How can this happen?



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