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Re: Lots of disconnects and then steady (PPP LCP Send Termination Request [User request])

Well were do i start? i have a number of issues


1. false advertising about infinity speeds

2. diabolicle level 2 customer service

3. constant disconnections and speed getting slower


Well i moved over to bt infinity on the 29th april when it became available to my area (fttc) which the engineer came out installed the new face plate and installed my homehub 5 which i personally think is a rubbish piece of equipment as it dont let you steam anything to my xbox one but thats another story, after an hour i decided to see what dl speed i was actually getting and i was hitting 26mb/s and upload of 5mb/s which i thought was strange because i was informed on the site for my area i would get between 26mb/s and 38mb/s and upl of between 6mb/s and 8mb/s but i thought no worries it should increase when it settles down.


All of a sudden a couple of hours later i get a disconnection the orange flashing then stedy orange then back to blue so i called bt and they said leave it for 3-5 days for it to settle so i said ok and ended the call but during that time of waiting i was getting disconnected regularly and my speed have dropped to 22.5 mb/s dl and 4.2mb/s upl so after the 5 days i called back telling them of this and also about the drop in speed and they went through their "procedure" of what connection i have how many wired/wireless and so forth and did the line test and found no faults and was told to keep monitoring it


i monitored it for the next couple of days and was getting the same issue so i called again and got put through to level 2 support were they went through the same checks again with my connection line test and i also told them of my records i had and the informed me there was nothing wrong and they had no records of any disconnections or faults so with being unhappy with the service i asked to be put through to someone who i could discuss my account with about terminating my contract so they did


when i finally got through to someone after nearly an hour wait on the phone i told them about my issues and my speed and they said i could cancel with a charge of £300+ and i replied with well i am not getting the service i paid for and lower than advertised speeds so i ended the call, two days later i was getting constant disconnections so i called level 2 support and when through the checks over and over again and they was trying to blame my wireless connection when i was connected by wired connection so after a number of calls over the next few days going through the same line tests same setup checks which i mentioned everytime that a engineer fitted my setup and being spoken to like i was an idiot not knowing anything when i knew more than any of the advisors i spoke to they blamed it on my homehub 5 and said there was a fault on that and sent me a new one


i connected the new router up and low and behold same problems still so i called again and they said there was no fault and no record of any disconnections so i monitored it for 24 hours and recorded it and also checked on the routers records were low and behold the disconnections were recorded so i call back yesterday and acvtually sdpeak to someone who i thought found the fault and was apparently at the exchange and an engineer was going there today to repair it and would call me after 12pm today when it had been fixed, well i get another disconnection at 16:45 today and cant get through to anyone on customer support but get a call from them an hour later asking about the problems i have so i go into detail about the engineer ment to have been going to the exchange and repairing the problem and she replies with there has been no engineer visit to the exchange and went down the same route of the setup checks and line checks which at this point i was irrate with it and told her i was no idiot and probably knew more than her and when i refered later in the conversastion about this so called engineer going to the exchange she replied with he has been and fixed the fault which i was left speachless at so now i have to wait for an engineer to visit me and check everything this end and was informed that it would cost me if there was a problem within my property


i really have had enough of bts service and never had any of these problems while with sky and as for not being able to cancel my service when it is so unreliable and false advertising on speeds is surely against the customers act for servive or whatever it is called

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Re: Lots of disconnects and then steady (PPP LCP Send Termination Request [User request])



Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting, please use the 'contact the mods' link in my forum profile send in your details and we'll be happy to help you get this sorted. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



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