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Re: More incompetence and lies from BT

I am getting a similar runaround from BT. Order was placed 2nd Dec, very efficient. This was following numerous letters saying the street is ready.


Installation date was given as 12th Dec. Router failed to arrive on stated day and appointment on 12th was changed to 18th without letting me know.


Today the engineer comes and changes the master socket and then discovers work is needed on the wires/cables outside the house, at the box, wherever, Ie the street was NOT ready.


BT tell me there will be a review on 22nd Dec  but no certainty the work will be done and I will finally be able to get online.


To cap it all Libby Barr, MD Customer services, sends me an email saying I am close to my usage limit and will be charged extra. This would not happen if the installation was carried out as first promised.



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Re: More incompetence and lies from BT

if you don't hear anything by 22nd then repost and then see if we can get mods invoolved to at least find out what is happening and hopefully get a solution

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