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Re: New BT Infinity customer. Speed keeps dropping

I'm having issues at the moment also. On fibre 1 with a connection speed of 53 my and only get dl speeds of 33mb. Speaking to anyone from customer support is useless as seem they don't understand my issue with one telling me I should upgrade my package if I wanted 52mb speeds :(. If I restart the router it seems to settle at the 52mb speed for a while but then drops back down to 33mb in a day or so. They have booked an engineer without any diagnostics from BT and also stated I would have to pay for it If it was my fault?
Sorry for hijacking the thread but didn't want to create a new one.
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Re: New BT Infinity customer. Speed keeps dropping

Wired or wireless?

Multiple devices or just one?

What speedtests are you using?

Cancel the engineer, it's pointless. Engineers can do nothing about throughput speeds.
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