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Re: New install of BT infinity gone wrong

I ordered BT infinity and phone line on 22nd November.


I was given a delivery date of 11/12 between lthough the order was to start on 8th December.


i paid a year's line rental in advance.


Two engineers arrived and 11th December and disconnected the phone and connected the hub.


But I later found that the phone did not work and Infinity was not connected.


I phoned a call centre and was told that the account number did not exist. Then that it had been cancelled. Then after about half an hour on the phone I was told that it did exist and that the matter of the phone and the broadband would be sorted out.


I was then told a BT engineer would fit the phone line on the 23rd December and another would come round on 30th December to fit BT Infinity 2.


I phoned to ask if these two orders could be merged into one and a date was set of 30th December between 8 and 1 to fit both Infinity 2 and the Phone line.


This was dealt with by a very helpful woman with a northern accent.


And was re-iterated by someone I spoke to the next day (20th December) called Simon in Cardiff. I was also given a complaint number 


But this morning at the arranged time the engineer did not arrive and despite going to My BT where it says clearly that the fitting is in progress I was told by a woman at the BT call centre  which I assume was in Liverpool that the order had been cancelled and the engineer was not coming.


This was put down to a computer glitch. But I was at no point informed that the order had been cancelled by email or any other way


So here I am without a working phone line and still no BT Infinity as BT disconnected my Virgin Phone


So the call centre has now cancelled the original order and wants me to place it by phone.  But the package I ordered is not available over the phone.  


I then said that I would want to walk away from BT but the least that could be done is for my phone to be reconnected.   I was told this would cost me £139 as this would now no longer be considered part of an order for Broadband.  I said this was unreasonable as it was BT who had cut my Virgin line off in the first place.


I was then transferred from Liverpool to India to fast-track the order.  But was told that I would have to order again online.


I am now waiting for a call from the complaints team who I have been assured will call me by 2000hrs this evening 30th December.  No call has yet been received



The deal I signed up to was via Moneysaving expert.  A one year contract at £20 per month, paying line rental in advance.  For this I would receive BT Infinity 2 and Free Weekend calls. I would also receive a free £100 Sainsbury's voucher



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Re: New install of BT infinity gone wrong

Hi mackem193,


Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. I'm really sorry for the problems you've had in getting the order completed. If the complaints guys can't help during the call I'll be happy to take a look. Drop me an email with the details, including any order reference numbers you have. You'll get the 'contact us' link in my profile.






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