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Re: No phone since 6th May - tried everything to get it fixed

My phone line started to crackle;like frying bacon;about two weeks ago and gradually  and gradually got worse until it was impossible to hear what was being said on incoming calls,although they could hear me relativley clearly.

Last Saturday I phoned report the fault and explained my predicament and the person I was speaking to adjusted something at his end and I managed to understand what he was saying. I was told that the number I had contacted did not deal with maintenance but that I could be put thro to the correct department, but I would have to pay a connection charge of somewhere over £2 or they could give me a number which I could call myself.No need to say which option I took. I explained it all to the person that answered my call,he checked the line and agreed there was a fault which he would report to the service team, but not to expect anything to be done for three day,or so.To-day, Thursday 21st. an engineer visited to try to repair the fault,(the line by now was completely dead) and told me that there were muliple faults on the supply to this area which had to be rectified in a set order and that he estimated that could not get back to me until mid-afternoon.Much to my suprise he turned up again at about 3-30 and within arround 10 mins. I had a clear line and he also checked the B/B connection.                  Stay with me, this is where it gets interesting.I turned on my computer and had an e-mail telling me my latest BT. bill could be viewed. On going thro it I have a charge for a call of £9-38p.which on closer veiw is the call which I made to report the fault. Now I will admit to bias on this but it seems to me that having paid for a line which subsequently develops a fault  to be asked to pay for doing so is a bit of a cheek  and for it to be for such a large ammount beyond belief,especialy so when the contract which I agreed to stated that week-end calls would be free of charge

 So my position appears to be that having been without a servicable line for at least ten days which I have paid for, I am now being ripped off for reporting it. I am seeking a way to leave this BT. farce and hope that someone out there can point me in the right direction,please.I know it's going to cost me but I no longer want to deal with a company that will stoop to such shoddy practices.

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Re: No phone since 6th May - tried everything to get it fixed

what number did you call to report the fault as calls to BT Faults are free if you call 151 or 0800800151
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