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Re: OpenReach Address Database

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Hello all, new poster so be kind!

I am not with BT, but not for lack of trying, for about 3 months now.

We have lived where we are now for 15 years and had a working line all that time.

Having suffered Talk Talk for a few years I decided enough was enough and went to upgrade to BT Infinity, or 'faster broadband' as we are in a rural area with nasty bits of copper.

That's when the trouble started.

Our house name is wrong on the Openreach database AND our (working) phone number comes up as unrecognised.

I have been on the Openreach fibre availability search page and it looks exactly the same as the BT address select page, as I would expect it to, and it's definitely not right.

So BT sales are telling me I need to get my current provider to sort it out with Openreach before they take over the account.

And after lengthy conversations with my current provider they say the Openreach database THEY use is correct and therefore thay can't raise an action with Openreach.

So I'm stuck.

Advice gratefully received.


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Re: OpenReach Address Database

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I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.

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Re: OpenReach Address Database

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Hi @piglet14


Welcome to the forum and thanks for your post!


Sorry for the mix up with your address details.  We aren't going to be able to help you from here I'm afraid.  We only have the tools to help existing BT Retail customers.  You will need to speak with your current service provider and they'll need to contact Openreach on your behalf to sort this out.





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Re: OpenReach Address Database

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Hi piglet14,


I had a similar issue this time last year although I didn't have an installed line. I compared the addresses in my postcode region as shown on the Post Office website - (this is definitive) with the Openreach one and the correct entry for my property was missing in the latter.


Openreach say that they will not deal with indiviuals, but I managed to find the email address of their internal network addressing team and sent them details of the discrepancy. I said that I knew that they couldn't help directly but asked for "the form of words" to use with my prospective supplier enabling them to help me. I tried to be as detailed as possiible, laying out the research that I had done (a holiday estate that had undergone a name change several years ago, some properties were represented by the old name (recognised), some by the new (not recognised) and some by both. There were thus several more names in the Openreach database than in the Post Office one.


I had an immediate reply saying that the office was closed but they would deal with my mail the following day "unless you are an individual in which case we won't respond"!


A week later I had a reply from a very pleasant gentleman apologising for the delay and saying that he could see my problem, had updated their database and that my order would now be accepted. He was as good as his word and the order was processed without issue (the installation however was an entirely different matter!).



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