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Re: Paying for Infinity 2 only getting Infinity...

Sorry to hijack this thread,  but i'm in the same boat.


I had infinity 2 installed over 3 weeks ago... 


the initial install saw speeds about 49-50mbps  🙂  happy days ..


The i had some problems setting up  the home hub to work with my home network  (lots of connections snd disconnections)


The speed then dropped to 33 Mbps  


Ive just had a fruitless  1hr conversation with the tech team in india trying to resolve the issue with no success 


Ive run the diagnostic stuff posted earlier in the thread, and it reports 


high 55      low 38   clean

High  47.5  low 29.9 impacted


Now given i was getting 49 -50 when i started, suggests that i can achieve the clean figures   


Any ideas what to do ? 



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Re: Paying for Infinity 2 only getting Infinity...

Same here mart360 I started out with 55 for close to 3 weeks and the disconnects the village lost all phones for a week and ever since then I can barely get above 43. Just spent that last 2 hours on the phone with support who probably just look at the same page that we do for a speed test. If it's green they don't do anything.


My clean figures showed 60 high and 51 for impacted line and I'm happy with 50-55 but now I'm closer to 40 which is must slower than the impacted line speed.


I don't think there is really much we can do other than complain and hopefully if you yell the loudest someone will do something.



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Re: Paying for Infinity 2 only getting Infinity...



If you were connecting and disconnecting your Homehub you will probably have caused DLM (Dynamic Line Management)to kick in and lower your speeds. It is an automated process that will probably have interpreted the disconnects as a fault on your line and lowered the speeds to try and maintain a stable connection.


If you leave the Homehub switched on 24/7 DLM will slowly start to increase your speeds. This can but not nesessarily will take up to two or three weeks.


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Re: Paying for Infinity 2 only getting Infinity...

I'm on Infinity 2 and normally get around 46Mbps download (wired and wireless as I'm close to HH4).

However regularly going down to a steady 29/30Mbps.


I log into my HH4  and press the Internet disconnect button.

Then wait a while... say overnight. Then I log in to the HH again and press connect.

(No need to turn any power off).


My speed then recovers back to 46Mbps.


Might be worth a try.


Then if it doesn't work as mentioned by gg30340 just leave everything powered on and hope the DLM does it's job and recovers your IP setting back up to the best setting/speed to give a reliable Internet Service.

Please Click On any Text in Blue as that automatically links to information.


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Re: Paying for Infinity 2 only getting Infinity...

Another hijacker here I'm afraid...


I've had Infinity 2 for the best part of a year now and got a steady 78 down. For the last week now, I've been getting speeds around 35 down. I phoned up to report this, but like others here I'm getting the same nonsense answers. I was also told this was an "acceptable" speed - if I was paying for Infinity 1, fair enough, but not 2!


And yes, I've done everything under the sun on my end - change routers, off-and-on computers, wired, etc. Looks like this problem is more common than I thought!

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