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Re: Phone call scam

We had an out of area call from a guy who said he was from BT    He was from his accent Indian 


I have at 10.30am today received an out of area call from a guy purporting to be from BT    His knowledge of english was poor.     He saidhe was calling about my router     I asked him to let me know our account number   He kept saying he was from BTand it was BT account    Three times I asked him for the account number and name and he kept saying  he was from BT and it was BT account.


I told him I did not thinkhe was from BT and he said why did I think that.    I asked him again to tell me the account name and number    He could not  I said I was hanging up    














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Re: Phone call scam

@hangerbird That does sound like it was a scam call as we would not call you out of the blue about your broadband without you first reporting the problem to us.  


Just to clarify genuine BT advisers are not permitted to provide you with your account number over the phone as this is a secure piece of information.  This scams advice webpage offers some good info on how you can protect yourself from these scams.

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Re: Phone call scam

Had two of these calls in 30 minutes - two different people - neither any good at English.


First was insistant he was from BT and said he could prove it by my typing in some codes on my computer. He said my modem was sending back errors to BT which had to be fixed!


I hung up cand called BT faults to check who said we have not called you or 4 months and they are aware of Scam callers claiming to be from BT.


Second caller said my BT router was sending information to my laptop which is going to damage the information on my laptop.  She got agresive when I said "I don't use the BT Router with my laptop" (only only use it for BTTV) - asked why I was wasting her time?


For reference the numbers called from are:



using Superfast Fibre 2 Unlimited with BT Max 4K package.
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Re: Phone call scam

Same here. Male caller from India claiming to be from Openreach about a problem with our router. Told my wife to say 'no thank you' and put te phone down. 30 mins later, same thing but a woman this time and I spoke to her. Asked her how she could prove it was BT and not a scam and she put the phone down immediately

Clearly a significant problem here which less aware people could easily be conned into. 

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Re: Phone call scam

The last three days I have had a call from an Indian woman purporting to be from BT telling me that somene is using my broadband between 2 and 4 in the morning. Originally told heer it was ot me and she wanted details . Cut her off each time but today when I cut her off I dialled 1471 and the number the call came from was 0270859638.


I telephoned BT and they said it was a scam. Please all take note of this number and this woman, I culd hear Indan voices in the background and I kept telling her I could not understand her.

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Re: Phone call scam


    I've had the same scam call two or three times; I don't hang-up, instead I string them along.  I pretend to boot up my PC and make them wait, apologising for my really slow system. Then when I say I'm ready they tell me to type various commands into my (pretend) PC.  I ask them to repeat instructions and spell out a lot of the words I'm supposed to type in.

   When I feel that they're starting to get frustrated, I tell them there's a message come up on my screen.  Like idiots they ask me what it says. I tell them, "it says, F*** O**!, you're not getting on my computer!"  

   Needless to say, they're not very happy and I can hear them cursing as I put the phone down.


xixray B>))

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